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Who am I now?
Kiala and Neeva talk about Neeva's newest insecurities

I don't know. Sanity could be highly overrated. - KialaCollapse )

The Weyrlings get a lesson on Mating Flights and Neeva gets a bit of a shock about her possible role in them.

So now we have Neeva and Jordan having sex... but what about the riders? What is going on down on the ground? Anyone care to hazard an opinion here? - I'deniCollapse )

First Flight
It's Neeva's turnday and Jordan and Neeva fly on their lifemates for the first time and Zimmerth tries too make it fun.

If you live... And clearly you haven't had the joy of the tender mercies of Dexter yet - I'deniCollapse )

Hunting Season
The weyrlings dragons get a chance at hunting on their own.

Zimmerth's the glutton of the group. - JordanCollapse )

The Weyrlings dragon's glide for the first time.

There will be a round two if they land alright... - I'deniCollapse )

A little more experienced
Neeva meets K'ian and they talk about dragons and flying

Fighting Thread would probably be pretty miserable if you were feeling sick all the time. - K'ianCollapse )

Mud and riding
Neeva rides Zimmerth for the first time and it's a messy experience.

She's a bit of a Negative Neeva, isn't she? - I'deniCollapse )

I'es and Kiala run into Neeva and Zimmerth on the beach

What? Living in a weyr doesn't mean you sleep with anything that moves? - KialaCollapse )

Rielka comes to visit Neeva and Zimmerth

Anyways, Have you been keeping up with your trainings? And was that a harp I heard earlier? - RielkaCollapse )

Neeva and Janessa talk over butchering a carcass

Oh he wasn't just being nice, he'd tell you just as bluntly that you stink if that were the case. He's a bit like you that way Jan, I'd think he chose the wrong twin, but he keeps telling me that he's always right. - NeevaCollapse )