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S'tao's turnday bash

 The Klah Pot (#13444J)
The Klah Pot's atmosphere can range from quiet and soothing to loud and rowdy depending on the time of day you walk in, but it's near always reminiscent of the tropical environment that the Weyr is steeped in. Large plush chairs in shades of green from pale to verdant have been situated in semi-circles around finished wooden tables in every corner of the mid sized cavern. The center of the room has two larger tables with accompanying seats which are usually used for games of dice or poker respectively. And for the especially tired or weary there are a few couches clustered together behind the large table.
Radiating out from the bar at the back of room, which now serves every known drink from klah to whiskey, the colors of a near complete sunset have been painted on the walls in shades of dark blue and purple that melt into a rich wine before fading into the ground. A stained wood replica of the Ista Weyr badge is displayed behind the bar as well, lest anyone forget where they are.
You see Dragon Dart Board and a dark passenger here.
S'tao, Rh'iad, and Orinlatan are here.
Obvious exits:
Lower Caverns

There aren't many places in Ista for private parties, or not so private parties. In past turns this might have been held in the Living Cavern, but since S'tao no longer wears the big knot, he can only swing a shindig in the Klah Pot. There's been some nominal attempts at decorating, but more consideration was given towards putting up a keg of some decent brew and a few wine skins of better. There's also plenty to nosh on, platters of different treats passed around the room. The turnday guest himself is sprawled across a comfy chair in the back of the Klah Pot, a goblet in one hand and looks hell bent on celebrating. It could be that the absence of his casts on arm and leg may be the real reason for his exuberance and celebrating mood.

Jeneeva happened to be one of the Candidates pulling serving duty at the Klah Pot just in time for the party it would seem. She moves from table to table cleaning them and taking the occassional order from those wanting something a bit stronger than the brew or wine provided. After finishing delivering a bottle of scotch and glasses to one table she swings by that comfy chair in the back to smile at S'tao, "Happy Turnday Sir, is there anything else I can get for you?"

Orinlatan is dressed in red and black as he makes his way into the Pot, the bright white knot on his shoulder standing out starkly against the red of his tunic. He moves to set a thin, square package approximately a handspan to a side on whatever table gifts are being set on before approaching the 'turnday boy' and bowing politely, "Happy turnday, sir. I trust Sephiroth and yourself are well? And your weyrmate?"

Rh'iad is perched on a table, his feet dangling just shy of the floor. Good thing the table is fairly heavy-duty, otherwise he might just tip the thing over. Notice, though, that the greenrider has set up near to where a plate of goodies exists. He's not stupid. His head turns, looking after where S'tao is sprawled, then over to Jeneeva as she approaches, "Were there any tuber chips? The kind with all of the spices? I didn't see any. Those are /really/ good." His gaze next moves along to Orin, smiling faintly at his queries.

S'tao put on one of his rare grins, definitely in a good mood tonight as he sips at his goblet. "Thank you Jeneeva. If you could round up a plate of other food for the table and all, I'd really appreciate it. I don't see tuber chips around, those are Tia's specialty anyway. Then have a seat too. It's a party, most of us can manage to stuff our faces and find drinks." Those working the bar, might not be as lucky, but most of the riders of Windjammer roaming about drinking on their wingleader's marks are certainly capable of devouring and drinking everything in sight. He watches Orin's approach and nods back at him, bemused at the bow. "Thank you, we're doing great. Especially as we'll be back in fighting trim really soon. Actually, you candidates can expect some more lessons soon. There's a lot to cover before those eggs hatch." Glancing over towards the redhead perched on the table, he grins wider. "I believe there aught to be a cake coming soon." Probably not as big as the one on Rhik's turnday.

Jeneeva smiles to Orin as he too approaches, "Hi Orin, you're looking good tonight. Not that you normally don't look good, just that you look particularly good tonight... ummm... you know what I mean." The former Harper nods to Rh'iad, "I can check for you Sir." Then her attention turns back to the turnday boy, "It'll be my pleasure to round up some more food for you Sir and I'll check about the tuber chips for you as well." She smiles at S'tao and nods, "I'll see if I can manage to enjoy myself Sir. Right after I fetch that tray of snacks for you." She heads back to the bar and after a bit of back and forth with the bartender and a quick trip into the back the blonde girl returns with a tray of snacks including those elusive tuber chips.

Orinlatan inclines his head to S'tao, "It's good to hear you're both healing well." He looks up at Rh'iad and inclines his head, "Sir." He takes a polite half-step back from S'tao. Who knows how much Rh'iad's had to drink already and he doesn't want a repeat incident. Jen's half-stuttered commentary earns a slightly arched brow and a grin, "Yes. Thank you. Working hard?" He lets the question hang there before nodding to S'tao again, "More lessons, wonderful," He manages a big, slightly disingenuous grin, "I shall await the topics with baited breath."

Rh'iad had turned his head away to snack on something or another. He is in the process of popping something into his mouth, happily nomming. He is caught with mouth full, and fingers about ready to drop another thing right on in. "Mmmmmmm?" It is a questioning noise, trust him on this. Mouth works and he swallows, freeing up lips to speak. "Cake? When?" He doesn't want to spoil his appetite too much. His eyes flick from Jeneeva to Orin and back again, and he can't help but comment, true to form, "You do look nice tonight, Orin. You even smell nice too. I have to agree with Jeneeva." Blink. "What lessons do you think you all should have?"

It could be worse, it could have been the infamous lesson involving hand puppets. "It's a party tonight though, have a seat too if you wish Orin. Lifting the restriction on drinks, uh one glass each for candidates." S'tao was never big on that rule anyway, he figures if someone wants to embarrass themselves getting wasted, it's their problem. Thanking Jen upon her return, he falls upon the tuber chips. Well figuratively, but the big handful he grabs is definitely going to be enjoyed with gusto. Picking up on the lesson talk, he chuckles. "I was just going to make sure each candidate has the rudiments of defense and all that, riders still do get into so much trouble. I also haven't seen enough firesacking, which isn't just for practicing aim, it's for building up some muscles too." Orin is perhaps eyed for a moment, as if the bronzerider weren't too sure as to the youngster's strength or endurance. "Cake later!" he reminds his weyrmate. "Extra icing." Also for later.

Jeneeva blushes at Orin's reply, "Yeah, I'm keeping busy, but I'll be able to enjoy myself as soon as I go grab another tray." She mouths a silent 'thank you' to Rh'iad, and nods, "See I'm not the only one who thinks so." And then she's off and returning with that tray to place it on the table where Rh'iad has parked himself. "Here we go, I'm afraid this is the last of those tuber chips though." She takes a mug of juice from her tray and begins to sip at it as she takes a seat. In answer to the lesson topic she ponders it a moment before giving a shake of her blonde head. "I'm not sure, but I'm sure whatever you come up with would be useful to us." She nods to S'tao as she sips at her juice, her brow raising at the brief lifting of the restriction on drinking, but for now her interest lies in those lessons. "I'm always willing to learn more self defense. And I could always use anything that will build up extra muscle."

Orinlatan will, indeed, pull up a chair and plop himself into it. Surprise is clear on his face when S'tao lifts the drinking ban for just one drink. Now he has to decide what he wants. Barring that, he grasps on to Rh'iad's question with a smirk, "Well, I'd love a lesson in how to convince a dragon to choose you. That being impossible, though..." He flicks a finger towards S'tao, "More physical training would be nice. Some of the candidates are downright scrawny. I bag and toss stone whenever I draw it, but I've seen what it's like during falls and I don't really feel prepared for it in the slightest."

"She sounds like me. But I just wanted muscle," Rhik notes to S'tao, bobbins his head and popping some of the newly-arrived chips into his mouth. He crunches away, smiling in bemusement to himself. "I will never have as much muscle as S'tao has, and I will never beat him when we spar, but I still put up a good fight, because it is fun, and I want to make him work for it." Bright eyes flick over to Orin, "If you are the right person, the dragon will pick you. You don't need a lesson in that." More chips. *chomp-chomp* "That is what weyrlinghood is for. Weyrlingmaster I'deni will make sure you are prepared, but if you don't think you are now, then I am sure there are plenty of things around here for you to do... like the stone sacks."

S'tao takes a swig out of the goblet, feeling pleasantly relaxed and ignoring more of the raucous partying by members of his wing and others about the Klah Pot. "Lessons like these, anyone could benefit from them, even if they don't impress this time, or at all. S'why we also make sure the harpers have everyone up to par on reading, writing, not to mention some etiquette, what to do when you're outside of the Weyr and representing Ista, etc. Don't want to catch anyone flat footed on Hatching day, training them up through weyrlinghood and then discover they can't follow a map or fall chart. Ya don't have to have a ton of brains to be a rider, but it helps." He shares a glance with Rh'iad and grimaces at his recollections of his early days as a graduated rider. "Trust me, don't want to have to brush up on those skills on the fly. I swear that first turn trying to go through the records and charts made me want to flee for Southern or something."

Jeneeva would be one of those scrawny Candidates Orin mentioned, at least in her own mind. "I don't think any of us are really prepared yet Orin, but then that's what the lessons are for I would think." A nod is sent in Rhik's direction, "Well I'm kinda skinny and not very strong so I can use all the help I can get. I only seem to win at sparring when I cheat and my opponent decides to let me win." Chips are taken and eaten delicately before being washed down with the last of her juice. "A lot of the other Candidates grumble about the lessons but I don't mind them so much, I'm learning new things and I think there's a good reason behind us learning them now. If we Impress time will be scarce for us after the hatching to focus on things we could have been learning earlier."

Orinlatan finally reaches to try some of these lauded tuber chips, using the time spent chewing to contemplate the words flying about. "Yeah... that's what everyone says. Doesn't make me any less nervous, though." He jabs a chip indicatively towards the riders, then chomps on it, clearing his mouth with a sip of juice before he adds, "I do what I'm assigned as best I can. Haven't gotten any complaints, yet." He finally flags someone down and asks for a glass of wine. Wine's pretty safe, right? "Honestly, it would be nice to have more hands-on lessons with the threadfall charts and wing formations and such."

Rh'iad nods his head to Jeneeva. "I learned quite a bit coming here to the Weyr. I learned how to swim, how to spar, and even how to read. Q'luin taught me how to be a dragonhealer before he asked me to become a candidate, and then I learned even more. There is a /lot/ to learn to be a rider." Time is spent chewing upon more chips, and other assorted goodies -yep, spoiling that cake for later, or something. He pauses though, looking towards Orin, "That is for the riders. When you impress, they will show you those things."

S'tao turns and eyes his weyrmate for a second, a momentary disagreement. "I don't know, I think a few weyrfolk who can read a threadfall chart isn't a bad thing. Help prepare when there's a fall coming without having to wait for someone to interpret for them." The bronzerider's expression darkens for a moment. "Then we wouldn't have had such a *@&%! up like the one over Nerat." Of course Q'luin would have also have had to keep track of the updated charts and have let the other riders know too. Coming to a Bowl near you, Bronzerider Slugout! Soon as Tig heals up enough, he's not so stupid as to pick a fight with the new Weyrleader when he's bones haven't completely mended yet. "Enough of that." He forces his expression to lighten but his voice booms out over the background of chatter and even the sporadic music playing from those who aren't harpers, or aren't ones anymore. "Where's the CAKE?!"

"Cake? Did someone mention cake? Why doesn't anyone ever bring me cake?" comes a slew of questions from a very familiar voice, usually heard on the other side of the Weyr. Pausing a moment to get a glass of something cool to drink - juice, alas, Lisya then heads towards where the shout of cake is. Caaaaaakkke.

Jeneeva nods and for a moment looks at Rh'iad with newfound interest. "Is it hard to learn to be a dragonhealer? I've been thinking about learning what I can since Kaijuth asked me to stand. Before that actually, I got to observe some and learn basic first aid when I went to Harper and Healer hall a while back and I think I want to learn more." She nods to St'ao, "I wouldn't mind learning about Threadfall patterns and charts either, I don't think any knowledge is ever wasted." Lisya's voice is noted and she turns to smile at her as she approaches. "Hello Weyrwoman Lisya, getting away from the heat of the sand for a bit? How are you? And how is Meliaith?"

Orinlatan's good mood disappears quickly at first Rhik's denouncement and then Tig's obvious jab at Q'luin. In many ways, one could say Lisy probably saved the day on this one when her jovial cry drowns out the sound of his teeth grinding. He turns with a grin for her, "Li- er, Ma'am." She can yell at him for ma'aming her later, "Good to see you about. Is Me-" But Jen's already asked that question. There goes politeness points. At least it's enough for him to manage a polite nod, "There's no reason /not/ to teach people to read the charts, really. Though perhaps I can see your point about formations. More map-reading lessons would be nice."

Rh'iad's shoulders rise and fall with a shrug following Tig's words. "Threadfall charts still confuse me." Which is why he isn't a wingleader, thank you very much! "I leave that to you wingleaders and your seconds." He pops down from the table he was seated upon, sandaled feet sliding against the floor. The greenrider moves over to find a spot near to S'tao, eyes shifting away as his weyrmate gets a little riled up. His hand comes over, sliding near to S'tao's knee with a soft squeeze. At the mention of cake, the grin returns and grows huge! "Hello, Lisya. How are the sands?" His eyes lift to Jen, nodding after her. "It takes a lot of time and work. I don't hardly even fly falls anymore, because I'm needed at the infirmary. I've been doing dragonhealing since before I was even a candidate."

"Evening Weyrwoman! Welcome to my turnday party Lisya." S'tao says with his parade ground voice that carries over the din of various celebrants scattered about the Klah Pot. "Thought it's grown a tad more serious than usual, what with our candidates here. I did let them have just one glass of something or other though. It wouldn't be a proper party without some. And cake." His earlier call prompts another server to wheel in a good sized cake from the kitchens, topped with buttercream. You couldn't fit anyone inside this cake though. "Ah there it is!" Catching the last bit of Rhik's words, he chuckles. "Having a dragon to help makes healing a lot /easier/ though right?"

"Hot an' hot," Lisya replies with a bit of a grin for Rh'iad, before finding a place to perch near the table, if not at. "Meliaith's doin' well, though startin' to get a bit more irritable - figured that'd be as bein' a good a reason to fetch somethin' to drink as a.. turnday? Well then - happy turnday, S'tao! I'm glad I'm able to be bein' here. Oh, an' don't forget the lack of sleep sometimes, Rh'iad." There's a yawn bit back at that statement, before she grins again, and starts to kick feet.
Lisya shoots the comment about Mel to Jen and Orinlatan, of course.

Jeneeva moves closer to Orin as subtly as she can at his apparent upset and concerned eyes rest upon him as she makes a supreme effort to not reach out and take his hand. Orin' distraction at Lisya's appearance though seems to save them both from the awkwardness of her being slightly more than friendly in front of others. She follows rhik with her eyes as he moves to a spot near S'tao, her interest piqued. "Do you think it would be a problem if I went to the dragon infirmary in my spare time during the evenings to learn about dragonhealing?" The cake is watched as it appears and she nods, "Is it possible without a dragon though?" A blue eyed smile turns to Lisya, "I'm glad she's doing well, hopefully the eggs will hatch soon and the two of you can get away from the sands for a while."

Orinlatan puts on a big grin, "Cake, great bringer of joy." He straightens, but restrains himself to let people actually /cut/ the cake, first, "I've been in the infirmary when I get a free moment since that Fall, not as much now as I'd like, though. Too many other lessons to make sure I understand." He nods again to Lisya, "Give Meliath my best when you return to the sands. You will stay for the cake, yes?"

Rh'iad's hand remains upon S'tao's knee, only to squeeze a bit when that cake shows up. Ooooooooh, cake. "You came just in time for cake, Lisya." If she gets a bigger piece than him though, there will be hell to pay. "We could make you up a plate of stuff... and have some of the drink as well." The greenrider leans forward a little, expectant while looking at the cake. "You can come," Rhik says, considering he is the dragonhealer bossman. "We don't always have dragons in there though, so you'll have to check first."

S'tao grins at Lisya, tipping his goblet towards her, but not enough to spill any of the wine. "Have a seat, not too warm in here. Bet a chilled cocktail would be nice right?" Another hollar towards the bar, to fetch the lady something to go with cake. He rises as the cake comes to the table and a large knife is handed to him. "Alright, let's dole some of this out!" He'll start the first cuts, some for himself and Rh'iad, his immediate guests at the table, but it is the server who brought it over who actually finishes the job of handing out slices to all those coming up for some. Plopping back into his comfy chair, S'tao speaks between bites of cake and icing. "Can't crowd all of you in the infirmary or records rooms. I think you all will need to think of what to concentrate on, what are your strengths, there's not enough time in the day to be proficient at /everything/."

"I shall, and I will," Lisy is quick to assure Orin with a bit of a grin. "Wild runners couldn't be draggin' me out," she confirms, before looking at S'tao. About to refuse the cocktail - heat later on with that probably wouldn't go over well, the words are swallowed with a laugh as she shakes her head. "For a little while then," before stealing a seat from a nearby table as its owner gets up to get cake. She, of course, is handed cake.

Orin's exuberance over the cake causes Jeneeva to grin in reponse and she nods at his words. "I've been thinking about it for a while but I was afraid I might just be in the way." That grin is turned to Rhik, "Really?! I mean, thank you that would be great. I would really like to learn about dragonhealing. I'll be sure to check in when I have spare time to see if I can help out or just watch and learn." Cake doled out, Jeneeva munches at it as she considers S'tao's suggestions. "My only strength is writing songs and singing them, and I doubt that will be very useful to the Weyr should I Impress. I don't like seeing people, or dragons hurting and being able to do nothing about it though. I want to be able to help." She smiles at Lisya, "I'm glad you can join us for a bit, being out on those hot sands all the time must be hard on you."

Rh'iad has cake. Life is good now. The greenrider flops back into his seat near S'tao, careful with his cake, because it all needs to go right on into his mouth. As the conversation floats around him, the busies himself with the yummy food, nomnomnom. "We always need songs. I like songs. And stories. Harpers tend to tell the best stories too. We have a few riders who where harpers. I love it when they get together to perform." *more nomming*

Orinlatan chuckles softly, "Of course no one can be proficient at everything, but you have to try everything to find the few things you're proficient at, right?" He jerks his head towards Jen, "It's not like if I impress I'm going to be up there painting threadfall instead of fighting it." He takes his slice of cake as it's passed and takes a moment to savor it with a soft, "mmmmmmm" before he gestures with the fork, "Won't stop painting if'n I impress, but it doesn't mean I don't want to be the best rider I could, too."

Well with cake being enjoyed around the table and room, S'tao polishes off his portion quickly, knowing that he'll be able to snag the rest of it take home. That leaves presents next. He does so quietly, not so much fanfare about it, but finding pleasure in how others are enjoying festivities. The first gifts he unwraps are apparently various items that total up to a new set of flying gear, courtesy of his wingmates to replace the ones that were ruined in his last Fall. "Thanks guys!" he yells out before grabbing the next item, a squared off package that he recalls being brought by Orinlatan. Opening that up, he stares down into... Rh'iad's butt. A painting of it apparently. Choking for a second, S'tao breaks into laughter. "This is great! Thanks!" He contemplates holding it up and flashing it around the room, casting a sly look over at the actual greenrider.

Lisya had lost all sense of time lately. Without realizing it is S'tao's turnday, she brings nothing to gift him with! This shall have to be remedied... later. To Jen, "It has its ups and downs, I have to admit."

Jeneeva looks Rh'iad over once more and nods, "I love music and writing it and I don't plan on stopping if I Impress, I just want to be able to be useful and since I don't like seeing others suffer I think I at least want to try learning dragonhealing." Orin is given a warm smile and a look perhaps a bit more than friendly, "Exactly. I'm not going to stop what I'm good at but I want to be the best I can be as a Rider as well. Who knows, maybe with practice I can be a better dragonhealer than a composer." The blonde candidate watches S'tao open presents and once Orin's is opened she gives the giver a curious look at the recipient's reaction. She turns to nod to Lisya, "I can only imagine, but that heat is bad enough just at the egg touchings. I don't envy you having to be out there all the time."

Orinlatan smiles ever so innocently and buries himself in his cake. omnomnom.

Rh'iad continues with his cake, and the icing. Oh! The icing. It is good, it is creamy and sweet and delicious and seems to melt in his mouth. A finger drags along his plate, making sure to get all of the frosting that didn't make it into his mouth. Popping that very same finger into his mouth, it is then when he is looking to Tig as things are being opened... and... No words. In fact, Rhik's eyes go wide as saucers. Huge. His finger comes out in an audible *pop*. "Who gave you a picture of an arse?" he begins to ask, eyebrows coming together in consternation. He really doesn't get to see his butt that often. And then realization sets in. The shade of red that strikes Rhik's features is near a match for his hair. His hand is immediately coming out as if to try to hide that picture from all, eyes still wide. "I... uhm.... I've got to pee." And just that fast, the greenrider is extracting himself from his spot and is GONE.

At about the same time, Lisya's missing from her chair. However, her escape actually occured as she saw the barkeep heading towards her with the special drink. However, before pulling off her master escape plan, she nods to Jeneeva. "Much more of an effort than I thought it would be." Then she's gone. Really.
With her cake.

Jeneeva arches an eyebrow at Orin's silent cake eating. And then Rhik mentions the picture of an arse and she puts two and two together at almost the same time as the greenrider. She almost chokes on her own cake but manages to get it down as she tries to cover her laugh as Rhik flees and she takes a quick look at that butt. Well maybe since I didn't get you anything Sir I should write you a song about it as well." She nods and is about to respond to Lisya but the Weyrwoman is suddenly gone... with her cake.

Suddenly Rhik's gone and Lisy's gone and Orin's left giggling into the last of his cake before he throws back some of his wine and comes up with an innocent grin, "I hope you like it, sir. It seems only fair." He glances sidelong at Jen, eyes widening, "An Ode to Rh'iad's Posterior? Asher just might demote your for that."

S'tao takes a moment to regain composure after his weyrmate flees. "This is going up on my wall with the other painting and all of Tia's sketches." he says over to Orin, a smirk replacing his grin. "And I'm not going to ask how much time you needed look at the 'model' to paint this either." He swings his legs down from over the chair's arms and stands, gathering up his presents and snagging a plate almost overflowing with cake in the other hand. "Thanks Jeneeva, that's one thing I've never had before, a song written. See, I wouldn't give up on all the harpering skills Jeneeva. Think about all the harpers and weyrharpers before you who composed the teaching songs, who would be better at making new ones than a harper who is also a rider, songs to let others know what riding might really be like? Don't sell yourself short and or let all the time you spent learning music go to waste. Just food for thought, eh?" He manages a smile and eyes the exit where 'mate and weyrwoman have fled. "I think this shindig's winding down, which is why I always save the gifts and cake for last." He blinks back at Orin's comment and heaves a sigh. "Poor Asher, he's never gotten along with Rh'iad. It's... his issue though. I gave him a chance, if he even recalls it. A dance turns and turns ago, before I even came to Ista." With that tidbit of gossip, he too stages an exit.

Jeneeva takes a sip of her own one glass of wine to wash down choked-upon cake before chuckling at Orin, "Depends on how visual it is. With Asher I might just find myself promoted to Journeyman if I don't Impress." She watches S'tao as he speaks and takes in his words, "You're probably right, I might be good for something afterall. Being a Rider would give me a better perspective to help people understand that it isn't all about glamor."
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