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Oh Crap!

The Candiates are ordered to herd escaped cattle back to the feeding pens and clean up the messes they've left all over the Weyr. Kaijuth enters and he and Shaith complicate matters.

 Feeding Grounds
Three thousand feet of bowl open to cup blood: towering, ledge-laden cliffs from which to watch the taking of heart's liquor, to listen to death-rattles, to taste the cupric tang of the air. A shelter permits the denizens protection from the elements, if not from dragonkind, and a waterhole is but scant reflection of the vast expanse of ocean.
Westwards lies the plateau, and the waters below it -- scant freedom from the stony shackles of the Weyr that waits, so stoically, to the east.
You see Aboleoth here.
Jacey, Orinlatan, Darius, and I'deni are here.
Obvious exits:
Central Bowl Beaches

It's morning at Ista Weyr and not long after waking Candidates were told to get some breakfast into them and report to the feeding pens post-haste. To the not completely clueless, the reason is fairly obvious. Herdbeasts are absolutely everywhere, they could be seen in the lower caverns and dining hall, heard from the kitchens and seen all throughout the bowl as many Candidates trying to finish their breakfast on the run passed through. They and their leavings seem not hard to miss anywhere in the Weyr at the moment. The rider responsible for the early morning gathering of white knots, paces as she awaits the Candidates, grumbling to herself. Once she figures most of them are gathered she addresses them in a parade grounds voice, "Alright you lot, unless you've somehow managed to miss it, the herdbeasts escaped from the pens last night and have managed to get everywhere. Someone let them out, late last night I would imagine and guess who my chief suspects are? I don't know which of you pulled this little prank so you're /all/ going to make up for it." She glowers at the group of gathered Candidates, "Before one of you asks, you're going to make up for it by gathering those herdbeasts and herding them back into the pens. And you'd best be about it quick," she gestures to the green beside her, "Shaith here is getting pretty hungry and soon she won't be so picky as to what's on the menu. I'm Robin and I'll be makin' sure you're doing the job right. The majority of you will be herding them back, but since I'm so nice I'll be takin' a few volunteers for a special job as well. Anyone wantin' to volunteer?" The grin plastered on her face is unspeakably malicious as she waits for 'volunteers'.

Jacey shuffles in place, his eyes shifting back and forth between candidates and Robin. When she asks her question one of his feet ever so slowly slides backwards, then the next follows, almost unperceivably. Hands fidget with the hem of his shorts where they've been frayed, tugging at the strands until they loosen free and are dropped at his ever moving feet. Back back back. Not it!

I'deni has come to play Lookie Lou. The bronzerider makes a casual progress across the bowl, a vague hint of amusement showing upon his features. Redfruit in hand, the man turns his head to look after where a trio of candidates are trying to wrangle up a bovine. He continues along, a bite of the fruit, chewing lazily while observing. Using his free hand, the man hikes himself up onto the top railing of the pen, not far from where the fence was breached.

Orinlatan nods a few times as Robin lectures. This. that. Blah blah blah do work. He can do that. The mention of volunteering has the sandy-haired lad fidgeting with the hem of his red tunic, though he, at least, doesn't take a step back. Booted feet shift in the dust and he finally asks, "Ma'am? Do you know which way the herd went?"

Jeneeva sighs as the reason for the gathering of white knots is revealed by the greenrider and she looks at the woman's lifemate with some trepidation. "Well at least it's something I've done before." She's not about to volunteer for anything else though so long as that grin remains on Robin's face. "I am going to stink so bad after this. I couldn't even take a bath this morning because there were herdbeasts in there." She sticks close to Orin as she waitss for others to volunteer.

Darius looks around for said herdbeasts, and of course, they're all over everywhere, or at least their leavings are. He eyes big steaming piles of... piles and then looks back up at Robin and sighs softly. "Yeah. Bottom of the food chain. What do you need volunteers for?" Which likely means he's volunteering himself, but he does it anyway. "We'll likely need some rope to wrangle them with."

I'deni continues to enjoy his redfruit, teeth sinking into the crisp fruit. He remains as is, and then quirks a glance over to Jeneeva, "Oh, I don't know. I've seen some real cows in the baths over the turns, and they haven't stopped me." *bite-chew-chew-chew*

Robin looks with distaste at the Candidates, "No volunteers' eh?" She rapidly points a finger at four random Candidates, "You, you, you, and you. Congratulations you all just volunteered. Your job will be to clean up the little 'messes' the beasts have left all over the Weyr. I'm afraid I have no shovels though so you'll just have to get creative." Orin is given a stern look, "Are you blind lad? They're everywhere, scattered in all directions." Darius is given a nod and she gestures to a pile of rope by the fence, "There's your rope lad." I`deni`s response to Jeneeva is met with a friendly chuckle, `ve bathed with worse myself."`

Whether he was pointed to or not, Jacey darts for a shovel and manages to steal one before they all disappear. This he can do! So much for being the unvolunteer. The boy is even smiling now. There's a pile not far away from Robin and he's quick to it, running the bucket shovel across the ground to get beneath, only to accidentally push a little too hard, bumping the poop covered edge against her foot. The smile falls week, pulling a bit too wide as he tries to beam it up at the woman. "Oops." Oops, poops on the shoe!

Orinlatan rolls his eyes at Robin, "What I can see from here hardly tells me how far afield they've roamed, ma'am." He goes quiet for a moment, then a bronze and a blue flit from /between/ and spiral down towards the boy, "Hey, you two. Want to go herd some beasts towards the bowl." They chirp a quizzical and unhappy sound in unison, "Just... encourage them. Or at least tell me where they are." The next cheep is resigned before the pair disappear /between/, presumably to 'help'. From there, Orin moves towards the rope and fiddles with it until he manages a passable lasso. "Dar. Jen." He'd include Jacey, but he's busy trying not to laugh at his 'little brother's method of dealing with the pushy greenrider, "Let's start with that one there," A stolid old cow is indicated. I'deni is ignored.

Darius wasn't the one that tripped that candidate on the way to the few shovels the herders keep nearby for just that reason, but he is quick to grab the shovel the kid was going after. He helps the boy up and then hands him the rope with a smile. "Here, man, this will help you pull them back here." Right? A bucket is fetched, the largest one he can find and he stops near Jacey with a grin, sharing the bucket. "Here, Jacey, I'll share buckets with you."

Jeneeva sighs, glad that she wasn't one of the ones corralled into cleaning messes. She nods to I'deni, "Doesn't mean I want to bathe with them. Speaking of which Kayla," she addresses one of the candidates on clean-up duty. "They've left some 'messes' there in the baths." Poor Kayla. The blonde girl heads toward the rope with a sigh, "I guess we'd better get to work then. This could take all day." She nods to Orin and approaches the cow carefully from the side to get to work.

Robin looks down at her shoe and then the Candidate responsible for the mess on it, "You just volunteered for something else lad. You see, Shaith is a bit odd, she loves getting dirty and just couldn't resist. She was rolling around in the messes a bit. I was going to clean her myself but I think she'll enjoy it more if you did it." Another malicious grin. "Best get a bucket of water and a scrub brush lad." Once more to Orin, "Use your wits lad." and then once he presses his firelizards into service, "That's better."

I'deni remains a member of the peanut gallery, perched upon that fence railing. Jacey's shoe trial is hardly given a flick of of his eyes. Manure happens. "This shit is nothing kids. You ever deal with carnivore shit? Lots of it? From a dragon? You'll be shoveling it 'til you between. Any of you know how long it takes before your dragon will be able to between?" Just food for thought. Or muck for thought.

"Oh! Nice! Thanks!" Jacey chimes to Darius, backing his shovel away from Grumpy Pants, sliding his hand way down the shaft to lever it up and into the bucket. Most of it goes in, with only a couple fat clumps of the cow patty falling over the side. When Robin speaks the boy's shoulders droop. "But... but, I want to help Darius. can'I do both? This first with Darius and then wash your dragon?" The boy puts on his brights, flashing them at the woman. Then it is flashed at I'deni as he quizzes, or so the boy takes it. "One month?! I can shovel it! I can shovel anything for a month!"

Orinlatan coughs to himself. Yelling at the greenrider about his brother will only get him the same punishment. He starts to move off to wrangle the nearest of the beasts when he turns back to face I'deni, "Too long, I'm sure." He grins slightly, then turns back to his task. whoosh whoosh whoosh toss... and a miss. He grumbles as the cow starts to move off, leaving him to reel in his rope and try again.

Jeneeva moves over to the side of the same herdbeast near the one that Orin is approaching. "I'm sure we'll be doing it long enough to learn to hate it Sir, or for it to stop bothering us. One of the two," is her response to I'deni. Tying her rope into a loop she drops it around the neck deftly before jumping on it's back using the rope and well placed kicks to drive the beast toward the pens.

Robin grins over at I'deni, "Best get them used to it early I say." She sidles a bit closer along the fence, "So you doing anything later Weyrlingmaster?" Wink wink. Jacey is given an icy glare, "Haven`t you all learned to follow orders yet? Poopy dragon. Now." Seems she will brook no arguments from any of these soft Candidates.

"Ten months." I'deni supplies. "Ten, long months. Do you know how big dragons are at that age?" Again, more perspective is offered up here. For all the world, the man seems mostly interested in his fruit, working his way around the core with healthy bites. "Carnivore's shit smells nothing like a bovines. Bovines have an almost sweet smell to it. Comes from the grass they chew. Not so with carnivores." Just sayin' "Different consistency too."

Darius shares the bucket with Jacey, though takes it to be emptied fairly quickly since the size of herdbeast poo in relation to the basket is really rather disappointing. He keeps shoveling, though and looks up at the dragon covered in herdbeast poo. He clears his throat and tries not to grin while he watches Jen and Orin try to wrangle the herdbeast. "Smells like something died, huh? So if between is 10 months, flight is just before that. Eight or nine?"

Jacey shrugs at Darius, the edges of his mouth mimicking his shoulders and drooping. "Sorry, buddy, she says I can't help you." The bucket is gently kicked just to elicit the thunk, and then the boy is dragging the shovel back to the fence to prop it there near I'deni for someone else to use. The lad cocks an ear to listen, eyes growing as the explanation expands, "Shards, that's... wow. Giant stinky poop piles for ten months!" He seems to be thinking it over, closing those bright eyes to imagine what it'd be like. Of course his decision is, "Ah well! 10 months of poop means a lifetime of dragon!"

Orinlatan scowls, but it doesn't last. Jacey's constant enthusiasm more than making up for the thought of ten months of carnivore poop, "There, you see, it's worth a lifetime of dragon." He nods once, then makes another attempt at lassoing a herdbeast, this time with moderate success, "The real issue, to my mind, is when the poop gets as big as you are..."

Jeneeva sighs as she rides her herdbeast slowly to the pens, "Probably pretty big by then, and a lot of poop to shovel."She just chuckles at Darius, "Smells like home actually." The blonde girl grins at Jaceys enthusiasm, "I think I can handle ten months of shovelling poop for a lifetime of dragon." She manages to get her beast into the pens and removes the rope from around it's neck, "There's one down." She heads back out to find another and grins at Orin, "We'll just have to use bigger shovels I guess."

"Depends on the dragon, or the size of it, and if I think you can be allowed to." I'deni finally finishes his redfruit, tossing the core towards one of those poo buckets. *CLANG-squish* His hands drop down, pressing to the top railing of the fence. "Well, then comes flaming. And with flaming is the ash pits. Everything that goes it, has to come back out again."

Robin watches Jacey move over to Shaith who is squirming in delight and poor Jacey hasn't even reached her yet. If it wasn't likely to be so funny she might feel sorry for him. No wait she wouldn't. She sidles a bit closer to I'deni. The Candidates can probably work withough her eyes on them the whole time. Though she does throw in a , "Get those beasts rounded up and the messes cleaned, I ain't got all day," just to keep them in line.

Darius gives Jacey a mock salute to go with his smile and then scoots the bucket along, pausing when I'deni throws his redfruit core into it. Then more poop is scooped and shovelled and then the bucket is slid along again. "How you going to get her clean this far from water, Jacey?"

Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. He's an agent of chaos, and the thing about chaos? It's -not- fair. Someone must have let the beast know that there was something going on at the pens and in the bowl, or perhaps he just caught a glimpse of it from his ledge not far away. The warning is obvious and should be taken heed, because it comes in the form of a triumphant, thrilled bugle as Kaijuth plummets to the ground, crash-landing with a bone shaking thud that, given his size, /would/ rattle the ground just a bit. Without rhyme or reason.. except for the fact that this /is/ Kaijuth, he proceeds to try and....HELP herd dinner towards the fence. Anything that gets in his way? Well, just don't be in his way. He doesn't do 'stopping' very well, and he doesn't mind the sound of a nice, moist splat squishing between his toes.

Jacey hasn't moved from beside I'deni as he absorbs what the man says, greedily taking it all in like a starved pup. "Ash pits stink! We had to shovel that once!" Still, he could care less. "Tell us about the slaughtering! I was told we have to slaughter our own beasts! I can't wait!" It's Darius that reminds him of what he's actually supposed to be doing and he glances towards the green. "Oh, I dunno. In the lake?" He looks to Robin, "Will she go to the lake?"

A bugling dragon does /not/ go well with trying to control herdbeasts and several take off in many directions. Including the one Orin's got roped. Shards. And retorts to I'deni are completely and totally lost as he "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHs" his way across the bowl floor as the startled beast has no problem pulling his moderate weight off his feet as she bolts away from the vicious, death-smelling bronze.

I'deni sits his fence. He sits it well. The man doesn't so much as leave his perch, looking down upon the candidates with a smirk. He looks about to say something, but then hears the call of a certain bronze. "Awh, shit." The poo will never leave the conversation, especially as Kaijuth arrives.

Darius is suddenly face to face with a rampaging Kaijuth. Again. He looks up, eyes going wide as he's right in the pathway of the rampaging bronze. He stares and then starts running, trying to head for a side /away/ from the path of the dragon. "Not again!?!?" And the Kaijuth nearly kills Darius-count is at 3 incidences.

Jeneeva nods to Jacey, "Yeah maybe she'll let you do it in the lake, good idea." She feels more than sees Kaijuth land and moves out of his way as quick as she can. He's welcome to help, but she'd rather remain unsquished. As Orin's beast bolts and he is pulled along she dashes in his direction, "Orin! Let go of the sharding rope!" She fails to see a herdbeast deposit though and slips, falling to the ground as she attempts to go to his aid, "Oh crap!"

Robin looks Jacey over, "I thought I said with a bucket, but if you think you can get her to the lake you go ahead and try. I'll warn you though she won't make it easy..." She trails off as Kaijuth lands and begins making a scene. Now Shaith wants in on the fun too, except she rolls toward the herbeasts. All the better to make herself even more poopy. "Shardit Shaith! Not again, I just conned one into cleaning you for me!"

Well, Jacey /was/ thinking about getting to his job, but Kaijuth puts an end to that thought and he quickly scrambles up onto the fence next to the Weyrlingmaster. Next to the big badass man seems the safest place to be right now! "Shards, he's going to make a stampede! Think he can do it in the right direction?" Then the green gets into it and absolves him of duty, making the boy grin as the circus begins!

Anything that runs away from him becomes LUNCH. Fortunately for Darius, there are a whole lot of things running away from Kaijuth at the moment, and most of them are bigger then him, so he won't find the dragon purposefully chasing him. This is Kaijuth's all time favorite game, one he's participated in since his first days hunting, where he apparently didn't get the idea that it was usually more successful in the air. His huge tail swings out dangerously behind him, sweeping mere feet above the ground as he twists about and snaps at a pair of fleeing morsals. The sad thing is, his teeth manage to sink into one cow with bone crushing strength and the beasts goes down in a painful, sliding manner, but Kaijuth pays her no mind. As soon as the mortally injured creature is down, he ignores it, lashing out at another herdbeast. He doesn't notice Shaith's disgusting! rolling in dung! but instead pivots around too neatly on that huge butt of his as he heads towards another loose herdbeast.
The spin turns out to be a bad thing, his tail slamming hard into a section of the fense and demolishing it in his wake. ROAR

Let go? Orin's brain is running a little slow on processing, but eventually Jen's advice gets through. He's not sure what the 'oh crap' was all about, but he finally lets go of the rope. Or perhaps it slips through his fingers. Either way, he's left on the ground where he curls up tight, his hands over his head, and waits for the stampede to play itself out. Think tiny thoughts!

Darius leaps out of the way as soon as he can and then rolls to a stop in the dirt and muck in the bowl as he watches Kaijuth stampede the animals past. He's not trying to really run away, just get out of the path of the bronze. Though.. he's likely to be as desperate for a bath as Jen when all is said and done. As for Kaijuth's tail as he swings it past, Darius barely slides his way back out of the way to avoid getting sliced by the end. "Where the hell is his rider?!?" As he tries to pull poo off his leg.

Jeneeva make sure to keep well out of Kaijuth's and Shaith's way once she has regained her feet. With a look to make sure Jacey and Darius are alright she continues her dash over to Orin, "Are you okay Orin? Lets head over to the fence it's probably safer there." And then part of that fence is demolished, "Or not." She notices Darius' near miss, "Over here Darius! Look out for the green!"

Shaith is rather enjoying her roll in the poo and isn't paying much mind to anyone who might be in her way, or her lifemate for that matter. Robin covers her face with a hand and just shakes her head. "I am going to get in so much shit for this."

Darius looks up at the green as she rolls his way and just groans, getting to his feet and loping toward the fence, what's left of it. "We're going to have to repair this breach in the fence too, aren't we? Won't do us any good to get the beasts inside if they can get right back out again."

As the fence shakes beneath him, Jacey latches on tight, "Whoa! Earthquake!" and for a moment the boy thinks it's going to crumble, so he goes very very still, like a caprine doe in Kaijuth's headlights. When it doesn't dissolve beneath his butt, he leaps off and tries to figure out which way to go. Orinlatan and Jeneeva are spotted, but they don't seem to be any safer than he, so then Darius is given a thought, but he's even worse off. In the end he just stands there, confused.

Stampede? Oh, Kaijuth can do stampede alright. He's his own personal stampede, but beyond that, he's got all the herdbeasts who /haven't/ taken off to the middle of who knows where, running for their lives. And as a credit to Kaijuth's intelligence (cough), Ai'den hasn't been informed of goings on and is no where in sight. For one reason or another, the bronze's path takes him in Jeneeva and Orin's general direction, mostly because there's a calf.. a little ol /calf/ of all things, running right in their direction. Now, to be sure, calves can hurt if they run over you. Maybe even kill, right? But the greater threat is definitely the near black, looming shadow coming up behind it.

Orinlatan stays curled there, coughing in the dust, for a long moment or two before he carefully peeks out an eye, "Jen?" He starts to uncurl, "They gone off?" Then he freezes. He doesn't see or hear the calf coming, but he sure as shards sees Kaijuth, "NO! I'm not food, Kaijuth! Not food!" He curls up again. If he's small enough, he wont' be tasty-looking, right?

I'deni pounces from the fence as soon as it shakes. He lands lightly upon his feet. If the candidates get trampled, then so be it. He only cares when they get dragons. Leaving the chaos to ensue among the kids, he weyrlingmaster prowls away. The man dodges at least one running 'beast, coughing in the dust that is kicked up. His eyes don't even show a moment of lost focus, but apparently somewhere, on high, there is a basking bronze filling the heads of those dragons below << Might want to stop >> Naturally, this is said moments before I'deni slides into the path between dragon and calf and candidates. He just STANDS there. Staring at Kaijuth. Lets see now if dragons really do know their spatial instincts.

Jeneeva breathes a sigh of relief as Darius manages to avoid the green and she rolls her eyes, "Great, more work to do." Jacey is given a nod to show that she and Orin are okay... for now. "C'mon Orin." She tries to urge Orin to quit thinking tiny thoughts and move his butt. That calf is tiny and it doesn't seem to be helping it any. "Orin! Imcoming Kaijuth!!" She grabs Orin's arm and attempts to pull him to his feet, "Get moving! This is not a safe place for a nap." I'deni is noticed stepping into Kaijuth's path and she mumbles, "I'll have to remember to say something nice at his funeral."

Shaith does stop when she hears that voice, then she gets to her feet and shakes out her wings sending herdbeast poo /everywhere/. Then she casually saunters over to Jacey expectantly. Robin glares at her lifemate, "No Shaith, I think there's more important things than bathing right now."

Jacey sees the potential for major disaster with the coming impact and slaps his hands over his eyes. Oh no way is he going to watch this. It does leave him feeling quite vulnerable though, so he tucks down, elbows biting into his stomach, not quite mimicking Orinlatan's fetal position, but it is definitely not a terribly effective defensive position either. The sound of paws on ground coming nearer forces the lad to peek through a crack between fingers. "Oh shards."

Darius gets out of the way of the green only to watch Kaijuth head toward Orin and Jen and it's like a trainwreck in the distance, you /see/ it and then .. you can't stop it. "Orin! Get out of the way!" he's hollaring, trying to catch someone's attention. "Jen!" And I'deni.. he actually looks concerned for the guy. "Wow, this isn't going to end well."

So, lets see, I'deni's trusting Kaijuth's spatial instincts over his desire to eat something... Now there's a plan! Kaijuth's reply to his bronze superior is akin to that feeling a skydiver would get jumping out of a plane and plummeting to the ground. The greatest, most exhilerating sensation of LIFE and EXCITEMENT known to man. Flickers of images bombard Paquith along with the pressing need of 'Come on-come on-come on!' Kaijuth is in draggy heaven as he charges that calf, whose eyes are so large they mimic saucers and whose bleating is winded and horror-filled. The calf bypasses I'deni, continuing straight towards Orin and Jen, and what does Kaijuth do? He doesn't even hesitate. I'deni's likely about to see his life flashing before his eyes and it takes the form of two big dragon feet and the underside of one gigantic butt as Kaijuth literally compacts his stride and lifts UP enough in his running to go right over the man without missing a stride. The long swish of his tail hovers mere hand-widths from the WEyrlingmaster's head as it goes over him. So much for a final stand! Mere feet before the calf reaches Jen and Orin, Kaijuth's snout slams down over the top of it and it half disappears within as the dragon slides to a stop, -barely- missing impact with the kids.

Jeneeva watches Kaijuth and that poor calf running toward her and Orin and bypassing I'deni. But still she won't leave Orin and tries to get him to his feet, then the bronze is almost upon them. "I'm gonna die, i'm gonna die i'm gonna die." She clenches her eyes shut as impact seems imminent, only to open them moments later to See Kaijuth's bulk in front of her, "I am not dead?" She sinks to her knees and holds onto Orin for dear life. "Umm.... maybe we should go somewhere safer."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Orin's there. Curled. Curled. Curled... and not flattened. He unwinds himself carefully and just /stares/ at Kaijuth, his eyes wide and breathing ragged. After a moment, he relaxes enough for Jen to pull him to his feet, and he mutters a soft "shards... /shards/. NO... now we're not dead... Ah... thanks Kaijuth." He leans around the bronze to nod to the form of I'deni, "And you, sir... let's just..." He shuffles aside. quickly.

This is the sort of man that would walk away from explosions in the background... slowly. You don't think he can stare down a galloping dragon? Well, I'deni does duck as the bronze does at least pounce over him, snapping jaws close the the candidates. The man swings around to watch any such carnage with thinned lips, only to nearly get side-swiped by a scampering 'beast. A curse slides from his lips, and a tilt of his head to see if the candidates survived. If not, time to send the searchriders out to scrape up a few more. "Thank Kaijuth kindly for him saving your asses, then go scrape up any of the other kids. And Kaijuth... get your rider down here. Now."

Shaith's eyes whirl blue-green as she pads up to Jacey but her lifemate promply informs her, "No bath time will have to wait, I'll con another Candidate into it later. Can't you see how scared these kids are? Can't take you anywhere." The green lifts up into the air and goes somewhere to sulk, poo flying with every flap of her wings.

Yes, thank Kaijuth from saving you from the scary herdbeast calf. The dragon munches happily upon his hard-won meal, ignoring all the other scattered herdbeasts. He settles down, cracking bones as he stares towards Jen and Orin curiously, not understanding the smells of fear coming off of them. Weird humans. Munchmunch. Oh, I'deni's speaking to him. Dragonic head lifts, blood dripping from his muzzle as he looks around to the man. The directive is met with a blank stare before a happy, limp-lipped rumble escapes and he goes back to chewing. Oh, Ai'den's on his way, quite confused. Kaijuth went hunting on his own? What's wrong with that? (Other then the dung covered green, the busted fence, scattered herd, three nearly deaded candidates and one nearly squashed weyrlingmaster.)

Orinlatan's scream forces Jacey to drop his hands, but he expects to see a scene of blood and gore all over the place. What he actually seems pretty sharding tame and uninteresting. This reactively causes him to slip a disappointed oath that should have stayed in his head, "Shards." Not that he wanted to see any humans crushed, but bovine, you bet! As the green takes off the boy heaves a sigh of relief. Sidestepping bits of the broken fence, the lad goes to get his shovel and an empty bucket, and quickly heads off to safer pastures to clean crap left behind.

Jeneeva nods to the bronze, giving a slight bow as she tries to calm her fear. "Ummm... thankyou Kaijuth for not trampling us. And thank you Sir for trying to protect us." The last is directed to I'deni of course. She pulls Orin toward the remnants of the fence and then there's more flying poo. "Ewww, gross it's in my hair!" And so her near death experience is quickly put into the back of her mind.

I'deni looks about to the candidates, scattered about, and there isn't a hint of giving upon his features.. "Oh? You are not done here. I see a bit more of that fence needing some repair... and a few 'beasts still unaccounted for. Have a good afternoon." With that said, the man gives one final look to Kaijuth, and then goes to make the meeting with Ai'den all that much sooner.

Darius goes to check on his brother, staring at the mess made of him and Jen as he watches Kaijuth warily and then with a sigh, heads over to check on the fence.

Orinlatan nods once to I'deni with a soft, "Yes sir." Which is about when the stragglers he sent his firelizards after start coming up the hill from the beach at only a slightly more controlled pace. At least they're in the bowl now? Orin glances at Jen, then starts moving towards the paddock. "fences to mend," he mutters "Fences... right..."

And still a whole slew of herdbeast to catch, though some might be mighty hard to find in the bowl and beyond at large. Regardless, Kaijuth is content and he goes so far as to stretch out right where he is and catch a quick nap. No need to thank him, no need at all. He was happy to oblige. One might wonder if /this/ was one of those learning experiences Ai'den been talking about earlier..

Jeneeva sighs and nods along with Orin, "Yes weyrlingmaster, Sir." She returns Orin's glance and heads to the fence, "I guess we have even more work to do now." And so she too is off to inspect the damage to the fence." That bath seems soooo far away right now.

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