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 Candidate's Barracks
The barracks have been given a overhaul, this much is apparent when one first walks into the room. The smell of fresh wood hangs heavy in the air. The cots have been repaired, and lots of new furniture is scattered about. And what isn't new, has visible signs of articulate care, new furniture has been added, and there's a small lounge in one of the corners for candidates to relax in when they don't want to be outside. Various tapestries litter the walls, depicting various events. Candidates standing on the sands before eggs, weyrlings with their dragons, dragons taking flight against thread as it falls from the skies. A crisp, new shade of paint clings to the clean walls of the large, rectangular room. The floor is swept clear of any debris while rows of cots line the outer walls covered with various sized tapestries. Each cot has new orange linen with a white pillow at the head while small chests line at their bases for each candidate's belongings to go into. The fresh scent of new paint permeates throughout the room, giving the impression that a renovation has recently taken place. The barracks are now cleaner and fresher than ever before with white walls, black accents on furniture and almost all the fabrics orange.
You see Dragon Dice, Enki, Snoop, Calypso, Zip, and Pullo here.
Jordan is here.
Obvious exits:

With Ista under the onslaught of rain, one normally wouldn't find Jordan indoors and sheltered from such. But she is, sequestered upon her cot with a stretch of fabric spread before her. The fabric is slowly taking the shape of a robe. What Jordan has done with the previous few she's worn is a question indeed, but this is a new beast. One that is still white and standard and... not so very beastly when it comes down to it. Perched at various points around her are her firelizards, though only Priss is watching her work.

Jeneeva sits on her own cot playing her harp, though she tries to be quiet enough that she's not bothering others. In front of her are hides from the days lessons and she reads as she plays. Perched on the end of her cot is her blue who is apparently taking a nap, or perhaps he's just enjoying the music, since his movements are few and far between. The former Harper pauses in her studies to look over at Jordan, "How's the robe coming along?"

"It's a robe," Jordan says with a noncommittal shrug of her shoulders, "Just needs to stay on long enough to last through the hatching. Ten eggs oughta go real fast, so.." She pauses in stitching to look across toward the harper-turned-candidate, "Take it that twin of yours made your robe up for you?"

Jeneeva nods, "True, I doubt we'll be wearing them for too long out there." The blonde girl shrugs, looking over at her clothes chest. "Yeah she did, but I don't know how well it's going to fit by the time the hatching comes around. I think I'm going through a growing spurt, most of my clothes aren't fitting properly anymore. It'll probably fit well enough for the short amount of time we'll probably be out there. As long as I'm covered I don't really much care if it's comfortable."

"Oughta make your own," Jordan says, "Easier way isn't always the better way." Though she soon leaves the point alone and resumes stitching the side seam on her robe. "Kaijuth searched you too, right? Know how that makes me feel... but what about you?" With Kaijuth being Kaijuth (and his reputation what it is) it's a very valid question.

"I could try but I'm not very good at sewing, that's more Jan's thing than mine, but I might just give it a try." Jeneeva answers the former assistant headwoman. "Yes, Kaijuth Searched me, it kinda surprised me. I'm not sure how I feel about it, I was honored he asked me but I just don't know if I have what the dragons look for. I keep thinking, 'It was Kaijuth, if any dragon could possibly be wrong when Searching me it would be him'." She sighs and fingers her harp, "I still keep wondering if it was a mistake. You may have noticed I don't have much self confidence."

"Sayin' that won't make it any different. Kinda just makes the obvious more obvious." Jordan looks up, fingers at risk of being bled dry by a needle that keeps working despite the lack of focus on her work. "Kaijuth tends to be a big lumbering idiot. But he has his moments. Could've been that thing you do with the harp, could've been Ai'den trying to save face. You're there, right?" Rhetorical! "That's all that counts." Her gaze drops back down as she continues, a soft snort sounding her complaint. "Dragons don't even know what they're looking for half the time. I mean, they stood me up. Don't think they're all that smart." Bluster is a girl's best friend.

Jeneeva offers the other woman a smile, "Yeah, Kaijuth does have his moments, and he did seem to enjoy my playing. Sometimes I think that when I lose myself in music it's the only time I'm really myself. Maybe Kaijuth sensed something that isn't normally there while I was playing." She chuckles and the smilee turns to a grin, "Or you could be right about Ai'den trying to save face but you're right, since I'm here I might as well give it my best shot. "Some dragons just have bad taste I think, I can't believe you Darius and Orin got left standing last time. You're all great people and any dragon would be lucky to have you."

"He's got a lot of face saving to do. Kaijuth... makes an impression." Jordan knots off her current row of stitching and draws a new strand of thread from the spool laying next to her knee. To the woman's comment, Jordan just snorts in amusement, "You're a Harper, through and through alright. But things don't always work that way. Life isn't always so black and white. Sometimes... people get what they deserve and sometimes they don't."

Jeneeva nods in agreement, "Yeah, Kaijuth does tend to make his presence known. I wonder sometimes how Ai'den manages being his lifemate." Fingers run along harp strings gently as she thinks for a moment, her eyes distant. "It would be nice if it did happen, people getting what they deserve. But I honestly don't know how you've been left standing so far. You're confident, capable and you don't back down to anyone. Of all the Candidates you're the one I look up to the most. You're everything I'm not, but want to be."

That pauses Jordan, and has her drawing a level look on Jeneeva. After a long moment she looks away, dismissive in body language and tone alike. "Maybe I'm getting what I deserve. Maybe... there's a dozen explanations. It is what it is." At face value, she quite easily writes it off as much. "Be yourself. Biggest and only piece of advice I'll ever give anyone. Try and measure up to anyone else and you're always gonna fall short 'cause they're never like you think they are."

Jeneeva continues to run fingers along the strings absently. "Or maybe your lifemate hasn't hatched yet, I keep telling Orin that too. Maybe there will be one out there for you this time that will be worth the wait. I think there's one out there that will see how great you are." She pauses in her playing and chuckles as she tries to lighten the mood with a joke, "Or maybe there will be another Kaijuth out there." She sighs, "Yeah, people keep telling me that, but I think some days that I need to learn who myself is."

"I am great, there's no denying that," Bluster, again, accompanied by a broad grin, "It'd take one hell of a dragon to match it." Or so she seeks to convince the world at large. Jordan's focus drops back to her sewing at Priss' shrill clack, the green evidencing some displeasure as she launches from her perch and proceeds to nip at Jordan's knuckle. The woman eyes the green and then the errant line of crooked stitching left in the wake of her absent sewing. The end result is a weary sigh and an exchange of needle for a seam ripper as she begins the painstaking process of undoing her sloppy needlework. "I lied," An almost absent if not entirely belated remark there, "Best piece of advice I'll offer is if there is another Kaijuth out there? Run for the exit."

Jeneeva grins, "You are, and I'm sure a dragon will see it soon too. You sure have a better chance than I do, I'm not sure what dragon would want me, maybe I'll be lucky and there will be a music lover." Fingers continue to run along the harp strings as she watches Jordan correct her work. All harping stops though for a moment as she begins to giggle, "I think that's the best advice anyone could give."

For a moment there's really not much of a response, but one eventually does surface. "Work on that confidence thing while you're working on the robe." It's gentled - definitely not baby soft, but gentler than normal... for Jordan, at least, which means an edge might still be found within it. Shooing Pest off her lap, Jordan continues utilizing the seam ripper to erase all traces of her earlier mistakes, her focus once again upon her robe.

Jeneeva looks curiously at Jordan at the gentled response, "A little confidence out there on the sands might just make all the difference." She nods and fingers trail harp strings once more, "Thanks Jordan, I'll try to work on that and I'll hope Kaijuth was right about both of us while I'm doing it. You never know with him." Eyes return to her hides as she once more uses music to commit the contents to memory.

"Ai'den did tell you..." Jordan's deadpan tone is perhaps indication enough that what follows is a taunt, "That Kaijuth has a pretty bad sense of humor right?" She leaves off there, lapsing into silence to redo work that had once been done, but would hopefully now be done right.

Jeneeva shakes her head, "He never mentioned it. Maybe the joke is on us then..." She trails off briefly before attempting a grin, "Or maybe the joke will be on our future lifemates. Kaijuth is unpredictable." She flips the hide over to focus on the next in the pile, fingers moving once more moving alond harp strings in a soothing silent melody.

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