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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Janessa helps Jeneeva to even out her shorn hair.

 Workroom (#5195DJ)
A marked difference assaults the senses as soon as one enters this large cavern. The sheer roominess of it contrasts sharply to the slimmer, winding, inner tunnels of the weyr. Some ancient lava flow pooled here, eventually carving out a good-sized space put to good use by busy weyr residents. The ceiling rises surprisingly high, the walls draping with fair smoothness to a well trampled floor - turns of scars and scrapes from boots, chairs, and myriads of other activities marring the surface.
Partitions split the room into various sections, all of which are movable depending on the projects at hand. During the day the room fairly buzzes with activities of every sort - a variable collage of sights, sounds, and smells that changes day by day.
Type 'look areas' to see the various sections and activities, then 'look' at your selection.
Obvious exits:
It's just before dinner at Ista Weyr and as such the workroom has emptied out. One lone Weaver sits at her workspace very carefully merging sisal and lace into a delicate garment. Janessa's eyes are on her work and she has no intentions of going for dinner now, not at least until the garment is finished. Breaks are for those who don't care about getting anywhere in their Craft.

Jeneeva walks into the workroom seeming a bit unsure, her lopped off hair a horrible mess and the length that was cut off held in one hand. "Ummm... Jan do you have a few minutes to... ahhh... help me with something?" She steps forward tentatively as she speaks.

Janessa doesn't look up at first, "Give me a minute sis, I want to finish this stitching. And you're stammering, I thought you were trying to stop that." She finishes the garment, examines it and puts it aside before turning to look at her twin, "What can I help you w... aieeeeee!" She squeals as she catches sight of her sisters hair,and its a good thing nothing was in her hand or it would have went flying. "What in Faranth's first egg happened to your hair!?"

Jeneeva looks down at her sister's reaction, "Ummm... Ai'den told me to cut it short, so I did. i think it could... ahhh... use a bit of evening up though." That would be a gross understatement. "Could you help it with me Jan?" She shuffles a bit closer.

"If Ai'den told you to jump from a flying dragon would you do it?" janessa scowls at her twin, "Honestly Jen, you're taking this Candidate business way too seriously." She sighs, rolling her eyes and gestures for Jeneeva to have a seat on her stool, "Siddown and I'll see what I can do. Then after I'm done using my scissors on you I'll see if I can use them to lop something off Ai'den, i may even limit myself to just his hair."

Jeneeva shakes her head as she sits down, "Of course I wouldn't Jan, that would be insane." Not to mention lethal. "I'm just trying to prove myself, and if I Impress I'd have to cut it off anyway so it seemed an acceptable sacrifice." She turns her head to look up at her sister, "No Jan! You can't do that. you could get in trouble."

Janessa mutters almost to herself, "Well at least you're not blind, but sometimes orders should be questioned. I know you want to prove yourself, but there's other ways sis." She turns her twins head so it's facing forward, "Don't move. And if I get in trouble, well I'm used to it. Take solace in the fact that now nobody could possibly mistake me for you when it happens." She sighs and grumbles at the state of her sister's hair, "Not much I can do with this except to make it look even." And with that her fingers and scissors begin to move.

Jeneeva sighs, "But I had to prove myself, he said that seeing me made him doubt the reality of women on fighting dragons. I couldn't just let that go." She tries to keep still when Jan tells her not to move, "Jan, please don't. I don't want you being sent back to the Hall. I need you here with me." She may not be able to turn teary eyes to her twin, but Jan likely knows her well enough to know that that's what she looks like right now.

Janessa continues to snip away the hair, shaking her head at how short she's having to clip it to. "You do realize sis that most people who felt insulted at that probably would have decked him. But not you, you have to go and do whatever he tells you to do." Snip, snip, snip. "She rolls her eyes at the expression she is certain is on her sister's face right now, "I won't make any promises about his hair, but I'll try to make sure I don't get shipped off. How am I gonna look out for you and your lifemate If I'm off at Southern Boll?" That's as close to a promise as her twin is going to get right now as she continues to even out the girls shorn hair.

jeneeva manages, just barely not to shake her head, "But hitting him would have only gotten me into trouble and I don't think it would have proven anything to him." She sits there quietly for a few minutes listening to the snip snip of the scissors before saying, "Thanks Jan, I would miss you if you weren't around." She'll take what she can get.

Janessa merely mutters at her sister's response, "You're too nice to people somtimes Jen, try not to let them walk all over you. You're too good for that." The Weaver finishes her work with the scissors, "It's short, but at least it's even. I'll put what I cut off in a sack for you, in case you miss it." She attempts a joke before hugging her twin. "Anything else you need before I go to dinner Jen?"

"I'll try Jan, but I still need to follow orders if I want to make it to the Sands." Jeneeva answers before reaching up to feel her hair, or rather what's left of it and sighing, "I suppose I'll get used to it." She smiles weakly at the joke, and turns around to give the Weaver a hug in return, "I may have just the place for it." The Candidate nods at her sisters question, holding out the length of over 4 handspans of hair that she cut off. "Actually I was wondering if you could weave some of this into something that Orin and I could wear. I'd like to have some of it with me still and I think Orin might appreciate having a part of me with him."

Janessa shrugs, "Just don't let people take it too far Jen or use it as an excuse to treat you badly. As for the hair you'll get used to it eventually I guess, you'll manage, you're stronger than you think." The now only long haired twin looks at her sisters long hair held in her hand, and she nods. "I can weave anything, you know that Jen, It may take me a few days but I'll get something done for you and that guy of yours." She takes the hair and puts it on her worktable. "Now that we're done with that, how about you join me for dinner. We haven't eaten together in a while."

Jeneeva nods, "I'll do my best Jan, I jut hope I get over this lightheaded feeling soon, I feel all off balance with this little hair." She gives her twin anothe hug, "Thanks Jan I know I can always count on you. I love you so much." Once jan has taken custody of her hair she nods, "I'd like that Jan, we need to catch up a bit." And with that she leads her sister out toward the living cavern and dinner.

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