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Dirty business

Darius has the kids in the creche decorating the walls with mud, Jeneeva and Orinlatan are unwilling accomplices.

 Creche (#7020DJ)
Another of Ista's more spacious caverns has been set aside for the infants and toddlers of the Weyr. The walls have patchwork quilts or bright primary colors on one end and the softer pastels of pink and blue on the other to offer a bit of separation between the two areas; but inevitably there are toys and items that get scattered on both sides that run the Nannies ragged. To further emphasize the distinction there are cradles and rocking chairs and rattles and teething rings beneath the pink and blue, while the brighter colors are accompanied by toddler sized bunk beds with rails and plenty of toys and activities to be played with. There is also a corner that seems to lead to another alcove, likely with a klah station and the living quarters for those who take turns staying overnight to watch the young.

It's not unusual to see many riders and residents here spending time with and helping to take care of their own kids, though there are always enough Nannies present to help or step in when needed.
Orinlatan and Darius are here.
Obvious exits:

Everyone is muddy, dirty and filthy these days, unless they are coming from the baths and then a minute out, they're muddy again. Everyone's dirty, filthy, tired of the wet and hot and even worse, the bugs. The littles have been cooped up so long, the nannies are going nuts and so a small group of candidates gather in the creche to distract them. "Alright!" Darius claps his hands together as he sets down two large buckets full of mud. "We're sick of the rain and muck, but what better way to enjoy the mess than to use it for something fun!" He announces to the kids. "We're going to make art!" He gestures behind himself to the wall. "Your canvas! Go!" And the kids rush the buckets even as another candidate brings in more.

Jeneeva brings in a bucket of mud, looking around just a bit nervously, and places it beside the buckets Darius already has. "Are you sure about this Darius? Maybe this isn't the best idea, we're supposed to be watching and entertaining the little ones, not corrupting them. We could get in trouble for this, and though it's a pain to keep clean I've rather started to like my white knot." She sighs as he gestures at the wall and signals for the mayhem to commence. "Maybe I should just play them something, the littles love music."

Orinlatan hauls a bucket towards the wall and groans as he straightens, "You sure we're not gonna get in trouble for this? I mean, it seems like a problem waiting to happen. Why not just give 'em hides?" He watches the kids rush forward and start scrawling on the wall, "Could just... read 'em a story or something?"

Darius gives Jen and Orin one of his best smiles. "Hey, this keeps em from worse trouble, doesn't it?" He walks over to help one of the littler ones smear some mud on the wall. "Eh, what's the worst? We can wash down the wall if someone doesn't like it." He grins at one of the boys who was having a /great/ time and then he gives Orin a mischievous look. "You're the artist, Orin. What can you do?"

Jeneeva sighs and looks dubiously at the littles, already absorbed in their task. They've been given permission to make a mess and what little is going to pass that up? "I suppose so, and I don't mind cleaning it up later but what if they do more than just make us clean it? You might not care if you get a chance at a dragon but Orin and I do." One little slaps some mud in Jen's hand, beaming up at her, "C'mon Jennie it's /fun/."

Orinlatan just eyes Darius, "It was your idea, you're cleaning it up." He crosses his arms and just watches in silence. He'll blame Darius. He's got his plan if things go bad. He also keeps an eye on the drawings themselves and one little girl's rough approximation of Q'luin elicits a sudden "OY!" As she starts adding horns, "Don't do that!" He rushes forward to scrub the twisted visage off the wall, "Don't ever do that."

Darius gives Orin a look. "You're a wet blanket, Orin. A big, wet, slimy blanket." And he reaches for some mud and starts drawing B'ane on the wall. It's a true caricature as nothing is the right size and he's really not much of an artist. "The littles love it."

Jeneeva sighs at the mud in her hand as the little pulls her along to the wall, "Fine then, I'll play," is her response to the little and she finds a clear spot to make her horrible stick-figure rendition of someone, possibly Wyn from all the dark hair, "If we catch more than clean-up duty for this Darius I am going to do something horrible to you. And I'll get Jan's help since I'm not very good at imagining horrible things to do to people."

Orinlatan snorts and moves back from the wall once the insulting epithet is removed. "Whatever you say. I make art, this is just... dirty. The nannies aren't stoppin' ya, so I won't. But if I get stuck scrubbing it, I'm dumping you in the midden. Just saying."

Darius smirks at his brother. "Have to catch me first. Coward." He grins at Jen as she goes to play in the mud too. "Hey! Good art, Jen! Nice. Hey Orin, you should do one of Lisya. I mean, we're helping the Harpers here so they know their weyr leadership!" He winks at one of the nannies over his shoulder. She rolls her eyes and walks off.

Jeneeva sighs in exasperation, "There I played now I'm going to get something to clean it off." She turns to frown at Darius, "I mean it Darius, if we get anything more than cleanup duty for this you're going to suffer. I'm not losing my knot over some mud." She looks down at the little still holding her hand as she tries to walk off for cleaning supplies. The little looks back up at her "Jennnnniiiiiie, make another."

Orinlatan's shirt is getting mud on it from him wiping off the image, "I don't want to upset Lisy this close to the hatching. Shards, no. No Weyrleadership. Period. I'm-" he nods towards Jen, "I'm not losing my knot over this. Period." He's saying 'period' a lot lately. His eyes go wide as one boy draws a woman trapped in ice. "Shards, that's Wyn, isn't it?"

Darius lifts up one of the kids to sit on his shoulders so he can draw with mud higher up and passes up more mud as needed. Before long, he's more filthy than the wall. "What? So long as the drawings aren't mean, I don't see what the problem is. No one is hurt, no damage to the wall, just a bit of mud that can easily be washed out of stone caverns. Not like getting a girl pregnant, Orin. Jen."

Jeneeva peers over at the woman trapped in ice, "I gotta say that kid has talent, are you looking for an apprentice Orin?" This is said with an attempt at a smile and then she looks once more at the little holding her hand, "Sorry little one but Jennie has had all the fun she's allowing herself for today." Then she turns to Darius her mouth agape and a blush rising to her cheeks. "Darius! There's littles here don't go talking about that and don't associate me with it either, I'd rather not even think of that possibility right now, not that we've... umm... done anything that could... ahhhh... cause that."

Orinlatan snorts darkly, "Have to be a journeyman to take an apprentice. It is good, though." He glances at Darius, then back at the children's scrawls of dragons and people, and at least one demonic, diaper-weilding nanny, "But I prefer to be careful." The pregnancy comment draws a dark glare, "Don't even joke about that, Dar. She's not." One of the kids looks up from dunking his hand deeply in the mud buckets, "What's a pegnant?"

Darius grins at the kid. "It's when a girl stuffs a ball down her shirt. Like Magda." Cause one of the nannies is pregnant and will kill him for that later. "I wasn't joking that she was. I was stating a reason to get booted. You didn't, she's not, so no worries." He rolls his eyes. "/So/ uptight."

Jeneeva nods in agreement, "True but that kid does have talent." She blushes even deeper red at the kid's question, "See what you've started now Darius. Now one of us is going to have to explain it." She shakes her head as Darius does explain it... sort of. "Darius if one of the nannies heard that joke and thought there was a grain of truth to it or one of the kids mistook what you said I'd be getting another Healer exam right now, one I really don't care to experience any time soon. I could lose my knot and Orin's if they even suspected we were doing /that/, even though we aren't." Yup she's a little uptight.

Orinlatan keeps up the glower at Darius, "Shards, yes. Didn't come this far to lose my chance at the sands because of an off-color joke by you, okay? Kids repeat things. All sorts of things." His voice is almost dangerous, "Just don't." He looks at the glacier woman again, then smirks slightly, "It is pretty good. Wonder who his folks are."

Darius thunks his head against the wall. "I wasn't suggesting that you had, or that you were. I was saying that's somethig you can lose a knot for.. I don't think mud is along those lines. Shards and shells, you two are so desperately serious as to be nauseating. Stop. By the First Egg, just STOP." He hits his head against the muddy wall several times.

Jeneeva sighs, "The point is that if someone got the wrong idea when you tied our names to that thing we could lose a knot for we could find ourselves de-knotted anyway, especially given that the whole Weyr seems to know about our history." She shakes her head as she watches him bang his head for a moment, "Of course we're serious big brother, being a candidate is supposed to be serious, it's supposed to help us be ready in case we Impress. Please stop banging your head like that, you're going to injure yourself."

Orinlatan coughs once, "Let's just... drop it, okay? The more we talk about it, the more suspicious it looks." He flicks a glance at Darius, then back at Jen, "If he wants to addle what's left of his brains, that's his problem. Oy, Horvin, stop drawing I'deni like that." The 'vicious renegade' is captured in all his glory.

Darius leans over to help a little girl as he sets down the little boy and grins at a nanny who comes in, gasps and turns to leave again. "Oh wow, you're making my head ache like a night after binge drinking. And I haven't touched it since that night Klohi cornered me."

Jeneeva manages a shrug, "Fine by me, but if I end up getting an extra exam from a Healer from that someone else is going to need one too." That child is still pulling at her arm, "You needa see a Heeealer Jennnnnnie? Are you sick?" She sighs and squats down to the little girl's level, "No I'm fine Sanna, we're just talking about what would happen if I were... uhh... sick. I would... ahhh... go to the Healers and they'd make me all better." She looks up at Darius, "Ever think that your banging your head against the wall might have something to do with that too?"

Orinlatan just keeps his eyes on the 'art' "No healers, thanks. Don't want the knife-happy one taking anything I'm attached to." He pauses a beat, "Though I'm pretty sure even he wouldn't prescribe brain damage, Dar."

Darius lifts his head from the wall and shrugs. "That new healer, the journeyman, she's nice. Been seeing me about my hand. Not bad going to the healer's now." He doesn't look away from the muddy wall. "So don't complain about healers, please. I go at least once a sevenday, though she says I have all the mobility I'll need to ride."

Jeneeva nods, "Yeah I'd rather not have to see one again." She looks over at Darius and nods once more, "Yeah Journeyman Kiala is nice. It's good that you still have that mobility Darius. I'm... uhhh... sorry if I overreacted a bit, I just don't want to lose the knot now that the eggs are hard." Sanna is given a pat on the head, "Oooh look there's still mud left and a blank space on the wall." And with that Sanna is thankfully distracted.

Orinlatan shrugs slightly, "Still haven't met her, I'm sure she's fine. Just don't want to deal with /that/ healer." They know whom. "It's not about likelihood, Dar. I don't want to risk it. Not for anything."

Darius just shakes his head at the pair and picks up an empty bucket. "I'm going for more mud. You two, keep the children from falling into the buckets, would you? Oh, Amber, that's a great one of S'tao. I think you should make him smiling." And so he /smiles/ at Orin and Jen and strides out, whistling, determined to not let them make him depressed. "Hey Magda! You're looking great. Baby close then?" is heard on his way out the door.

Jeneeva shudders at the mention of /that/ Healer, "Yeah I don't want that one poking around my insides, I thought he was going to cut off my arm when I broke it." She nods to Darius, "Yeah I'll keep them out of the buckets." She sighs and watches the kids with Orin not sure what else to do at the moment, until the nannies come in and call nap-time wit a very disgruntled look at the Candidates.

Orinlatan watches Darius go, then sighs, "Thinks he's got the whole world going on, I swear. C'mon, kids, let's get cleaned up for naps." He claps his hands once, then starts extricating children, "Sorry, ma'am, just needed to give 'em something to do. We'll help get 'em washed up."
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