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Introduction to dragons 101

I'es comes to give answer Candidates questions on dragons and what may happen on hatching day.

 Candidate's Barracks
The barracks have been given a overhaul, this much is apparent when one first walks into the room. The smell of fresh wood hangs heavy in the air. The cots have been repaired, and lots of new furniture is scattered about. And what isn't new, has visible signs of articulate care, new furniture has been added, and there's a small lounge in one of the corners for candidates to relax in when they don't want to be outside. Various tapestries litter the walls, depicting various events. Candidates standing on the sands before eggs, weyrlings with their dragons, dragons taking flight against thread as it falls from the skies. A crisp, new shade of paint clings to the clean walls of the large, rectangular room. The floor is swept clear of any debris while rows of cots line the outer walls covered with various sized tapestries. Each cot has new orange linen with a white pillow at the head while small chests line at their bases for each candidate's belongings to go into. The fresh scent of new paint permeates throughout the room, giving the impression that a renovation has recently taken place. The barracks are now cleaner and fresher than ever before with white walls, black accents on furniture and almost all the fabrics orange.
You see Dragon Dice, Enki, Snoop, Zip, and Pest here.
Darius, Jordan, Orinlatan, and I'es are here.
Obvious exits:

Ista's weather has been quite inhospitable as of late. If it's not raining, it's critter infestation topped off with an unhealthy dose of mugginess. Seeking shelter from the later, more than the former, Jordan is ensconced on her cot, surrounded on three sides by firelizards. Two are slumbering, the third - Meep - is receiving her turn at an oiling. Dinner has come and gone, evening is settling in and it's almost routine by now. Next stop: A last run to the living caverns for a before bed snack and then... bed. My oh my, what an exciting life this candidate leads.

Orinlatan's propped up on his cot and leaned over the little form of his newest firelizard, older enough now to not need constant attention. But today's oiling day. Trin's bronze hide's already gleaming where he's curled atop Orin's press along side his blue counterpart. Orin's touch is infinitely delicate as he smoothes the oil into Lincoln's hide while the little brown chirrs happily.

Jeneeva sits on her cot strumming idly at her harp as she often does in her down time, her blue and bronze curled up in her lap sleeping. Occassionally she pauses in her playing to swat a bug or two with a frown. Despite the loud slapping sound her firelizards nap on. She places her harp down with a sigh to try once again to flatten her short cropped hair, but as usual it just pops back up and out in spiky tufts that refuse to be managed. "Maybe I should start wearing hats," she mumbles.

Never a break is there? Miming the action of knocking against the wall, I'es steps into the room with one firelizard settled onto his shoulder. Not bronze. Not brown. Blue. It might have been on purpose or given the curl of the tail about his shoulders indicates that he's still adjusting. And looking about eagerly to see and be seen, if the chirp doesn't do anything but to draw attention to himself. Enough for the rider to glance sideways before addressing the candidates, leaning against the wall with his free and un-perched upon shoulder. "I see everyone's decent." Beat. "At least, I hope so."

Darius is actually trying to nap. It's just too hot, too miserable to do anything. So he lays on his cot after chores, melting and trying to sleep his way through most of the disaster. No baby firelizards here, just one perched atop his head on his pillow. While he'd likely rather be naked. He's not. Orin would kill him. So a pair of shorts and an arm over his eyes that's removed as I'es speaks. He looks over at the bronzerider and just blinks. "Define decent."

Jordan doesn't pause, doesn't look up yet manages to address I'es without skipping a beat. "Where's the fun in that, Nee?" The last of the oil is rubbed onto Meep, the gold picked up and settled off to the side where she proceeds to sprawl out, legs and wings stretched to their fullest. Shortly thereafter she slips into a content slumber, the combination of a full stomach and meticulous oiling doing wonders for her. Jordan at last looks up to I'es, a grin already in place as she wipes her hands clean on a damp cloth that is too quickly pelted in the bronzerider's direction.

Orinlatan looks up from his oiling just briefly, then returns to it, applying the smoothing liquid to the little brown's delicate wingmembranes, "Haven't been decent in turns, sir. Decent's for boring folks who don't get out and enjoy life." Like candidates. He reaches out to carefully replace the lid on the small oil pot before setting the brown aside with the other two, "Do you need us for something, sir?"

Jeneeva looks up at the chirp, placing her harp back in it's case as she see's the leaning rider by the entrance. Well it wearing an ill-fitting bikini to beat the heat is decent, then yes, she is. "As decent as I can be I guess Sir." Her case is placed at the head of her bed where she won't accidently roll onto it if she changes position. *smack* There goes another bug. The dead bug is flicked off her leg in Darius' direction as she continues to regard the bronzerider.

"That." Pointing to Darius as he pushes away from the wall that he had been assisting in propping up, I'es' amusement goes into a full grin as he replies to Jordan. "Fun enough," he says, extending a hand to catch the cloth with a rueful press of his lips. "Sure that you're still not upset with me, Jordan?" Whatever that means ends in a toss of the cloth upwards in his hand to be caught, as he looks to Orinlatan. "My life is far from boring. As for why? I don't have any chores for you. Unless checking in on you is a strenuous task. Maybe seeing if you had any questions. About the robes or otherwise." Offered, he adds after a moment, "You do have those finished, right?"

"You're so adorable when you try to play dumb. Unless it's not an act then you're both dumb and adorable." Jordan watches I'es, amusement still forefront in her expression despite not grinning. "Near enough finished, plan on being finished before those things hatch 'cause otherwise, things'll get really interesting." To say the least, right?

"Robes? Oh yes. Jan would not let most of us go out onto the sands without a decent set of robes," Darius grins. "Though I wouldn't mind mooning the Stands, I'd rather it be deliberate rather than accidental." He smirks at Orin. "Yeah. Orin, you're so decent that when you're naked, no one thinks to think you're not decent." Uptight. Yeah. "Got mine from last go round."

Jeneeva sighs at the mention of robes, "I'm trying to make a new one but I'm not very good at sewing. If I don't get it done before the hatching I'll wear the one Jan made for me. It might be a bit small now but I can get into it. It only really matters that they cover us right?" At least she hopes so. She wrings her hands a bit nervously. "Because if I have to wear the one I make and I have to rush on it, it may not cover me for long."

Orinlatan jerks his head in a quick nod, "Same set as last time for me, too. Jan set me up well." He slowly uncrosses his legs and leans back along his cot, one hand waving to fend off a bug of his own, "Would be nice if you could find a way to turn off the rain, though. Sharding tired of squelching through mud and smacking buzzers."

"I'll let you think about which one's true," comes the quip, flicking his wrist so that the cloth sails back to Jordan as he steps further into the barracks. All in search of a seat that isn't an occupied cot or trunk. "And, I can't change the rain. I -can- get away sometimes to other parts of Pern, when there's time. As for the robes? You want them to fit and be comfortable just in case you have to run out of the way quickly. As, I think some of you know full well about." Finding a chair, it'll do as he makes himself comfortable... and sits. "Any other questions?"

Darius sits up on the bed, leaning against the wall to watch I'es with curiosity in his eyes. He slaps a couple more bugs that land on him and then quietly endures the scolding of his green for moving. "Question? What kind of questions? Mooning the stands? What would happen if someone, say, mooned the stands? That's a question."

And here Jordan was all set and ready to invite I'es to settle on down beside her on her cot. There's a small smirk as he opts for a chair, the cloth he's volleyed back picked up and tossed off to the far side of her bed. A neat freak she is not, much to the chagrin of anyone who has ever had to share a space with her for more than a day. She listens to Darius' question for all of a moment, then brings forth one of her own. "What's it like?" The intense look would suggest just what 'it' she means.

Questions? Orin's interest is peaked, finally. He turns carefully on the cot until his head's at the foot and peers at I'es, "Yes, what /is/ it like?" Not that he hasn't asked a ton of people this already. Darius' question, though, draws his head around, stunned, "You do that and I hope a dragon cuts it off. Decorum, bro. Sheesh."

Jeneeva doesn't know full well about that unfortunately, she's a first-timer and apparently getting a bit nervous. "Ummmm... what if we... uhhh... get scared out there and... ahh aren't sure what to do?" *swat!!* She rolls her eyes at Darius' question as she flicks another dead bug in his direction. Her attention turns to Jordan, "Yeah I'd... uhhh... like to know that too."

"And you might find a dragonet curious enough to consider the candidate's bare butt as a curiosity. Though, that's not to say what the other riders might say. Especially, if you Impress. Who knows. Being on the Sands is hectic." Spoken as someone who clearly knows, I'es stretches out his legs until both feet rest against the edge of Jordan's trunk and cross one ankle over the other. Tilting a head in challenge, he regards the others once they all agree on that question. "It's.. well, it's hard to explain. In my case, one minute I was telling someone to dive out of the way. The next? Einarth was bowling in my way with every intent of staring at me, muzzle to eyes and getting his way in the end." Food. "You're certainly not going to feel alone. Ah. Maybe, what exact questions do you have? Not that I promise to be able to answer all of them."

"Think I remember that part. I was next to you," Jordan says ruefully, if perhaps still a little injured. She lapses back into silence, not really finding another question popping to mind and thus not being asked. She slouches back against her pillows, one hand resting on Snoop, the other swatting at bugs stupid enough to get close to her.

Darius smirks at all the reactions to his question about mooning. "Orin, are you going to be uptight until you die? I'm not really going to /purposefully/ moon the Stands. I have seen kids do that when they get knocked down though. We've all seen the chaos that happens, and we've been a part of it, some of us. But I think, I think most of us aren't curious about what happens on the sands, but more ... what do we /do/. Standing there seems pretty pointless and you can't Impress a dragon that doesn't want you."

Jeneeva considers I'es' words, "Well at least I... ahhh... won't be alone out there. I'll... ummm... try to stick by Orin and Darius out there." She rolls her eyes at Darius once more, "He's just considerate, nothing wrong with that." She may be a bit biased though. She nods at his other comment though, "Yeah, I have no idea what I should... ahh... do out there. Besides be alert for charging dragonets." She sighs and raises her hand, "Is there anything we can... ummm... do to make ourselves more attractive to the hatchlings? Sorry, it's probably a stupid question." She looks down at the bronze and blue in her lap.

Orinlatan chuckles softly himself, then throws a pillow at Darius, "I'm only uptight for you, bro. Self-defense." He turns his attention back to I'es as the others ask their questions, then adds his own, "How's it feel, having another mind in yours like that? Is it crowded or comfortable or what?"

The blue on I'es' shoulder stirs occasionally to warn off any flying bugs, even as the rider lifts a hand every once in awhile to do the same. "First and foremost? Try not to be too afraid out there. They'll be able to sense it. Second, it's not much different than the firelizards. You want to be positive and welcoming to the dragons. Extreme negativity isn't needed out there on the Sands, but I don't know if it'll turn them away from you or not." It's not an exact science. Really. "If we knew what exactly drew candidates to dragons, we would have said that from the beginning. But, we don't. So, keep your thoughts open and some of you will, well, the dragon will find you." Not the other way around. "As for another set of thoughts? It's.. well, an adjustment. Now, it doesn't bother me at all. It can be amusing sometimes. And others, you might find that your dragon's concern might keep you from doing something rash. Depending on the dragon. For some, that may not apply."

Jordan listens, politely and quietly, always busy with either petting Snoop or swatting away some large flying critter of the bug variety. She doesn't venture any more questions, but any that are asked to gain her focus - if not for the question itself, but in how I'es sees fit to answer it.

"Rash. None of us do rash things, rider," Darius says in a too-serious tone of voice that could easily be taken for sarcasm. "We're all perfectly well-behaved and adjusted." He flings a dead bug back at Jeneeva. "But either our dragon is there, or not, in the end, right? So even if I mooned the Stands, I might still Impress." He smirks at Orin, obviously tweaking at his brother and Jen. "Just try not to get mauled, just like last time. And hope there's enough booze in case you don't."

Jeneeva nods slowly, "Ummm... okay, be positive, welcoming, and open and try not to get mauled. I can do that... I think." She reaches down to give each of her firelizards a scritch. She flinches away from the flung bug and flicks it back at Darius. "Maybe there will be one out there for me, too." She looks over at Darius and suddenly grins. "Ooooooh I have another question. It seems Orin and I can only Impress male firelizards, do you think that might be something to do with our personalities? And if so might we be prone to Impress a male dragon if we Impress? Then there's Darius with only his green... could he Impress green if it has something to do with who he is?"

"Does it seem like there's a correlation between impression and a candidate's feeling on the egg?" Orin turns to look at Jen, though, boggling. She really just said that in front of I'es? "Low blow, Jen. Low blow." Not that he's not sliding his glance to Darius, gauging his brother's reaction to the comment."

I'es smirks towards Darius as he follows the initial comment with a response of his own, lowering both feet onto the floor in time with his response. "Really? None of you do rash things?" Whether or not he believes it might lie with his actions thus far as he absently twitches one foot to keep some portion of himself in motion. "I've seen rash. But, I don't think it matters, Jeneeva. You can have one firelizard or a full fair and a dragon might or might not look to you. I have a bronze, brown and blue, but Einarth's a bronze."

Darius gives Jeneeva a smirk in response. "Right. So Jen might be the one getting a green and I could impress maybe, a blue. A pretty harper blue with girly headknobs and a penchant for eating wood." Since all Jen's instruments are wood. But Orin likely doesn't get the reaction he was looking for since Jen already pulled that one on him.

Jeneeva grins at Orin and attempts, poorly, to feign innocence. "What? It's a valid question." And if it happens to make her 'big brother' a bit uncomfortable all the better. Her eyes too move to Darius to gauge his reaction at her jibe. "Yours is a good question too though Orin," she adds as she considers said question. The scruffy-haired former Harper grins at his answer, and turns to teasing Darius once more, "See, all male. Poor Darius, I'm sure you'll get used to riding green... eventually." She shrugs at Darius' return jibe, "I don't really have a color preference so it wouldn't bother me at all. Blue, green, brown, it'll likely feel the same to have any one of them in my head."

In the distance, the drums announce the departure of Super Fantastic Weyrsinger U'rr.

Orinlatan snorts darkly, "That hardly seems fair, Jen. For all you know /I/ could impress green and then where would we be?" He turns his attention back to I'es, "Has anyone managed to figure out how to tell what color's in an egg?" A little late for that question, some would say, "I mean, it seems like something that'd interest people.

"Maybe they did long time ago," I'es replies as he swats away yet another of those unending bugs. Mugginess or them. The former seems to be appealing. "But there's nothing in the records. I wish there was more to offer but..." Blank and clean slate. "If you have more questions, just let me know." That said as he reluctantly pushes himself to his feet, he continues, "I hate to drop by and leave, but all of you have an early morning tomorrow. Like all the others. Just because it's getting closer doesn't mean those slack off."

Darius lifts a hand to wave to I'es. "Yea, morning starts just as early. Though at least it starts in the water and the bugs aren't as big of a deal. Fish just eat them." He's nice enough to I'es, though Orin gets smirked at. "Yes. You on green. I love that idea. I think that is a fabulous idea and we should try to make thathappen, right Jen?"

Jeneeva smiles back at Orin, blushing a bit. "Well if that happens I'll just... ahh... have to hope for a blue to chase that green of yours I guess." She nods to I'es trying to half bow with a lap full of firelizards, "Yessir, I'll ask if I think of anything. Please give my regards to Einarth Sir." She turns her red face to Darius, before smiling, "Well greens are fairly common, maybe you'll /both/ Impress green. I might like to see that."

Orinlatan gives Jen a dour look, "You would, wouldn't you. Bet Jan would, too." He gives I'es as crisp a nod as he can manage considering his awkward position, "Thanks for your time, sir. Of course chores will be done as always."

"Enjoy the betting," I'es remarks as he turns towards the door, the blue shifting about so that his head bobs in time with the man's footsteps with a parting... chirp! Always good to get out.

Darius smirks at Jen, shaking his head. "Nah, you on blue, Orin on green. I likely won't Impress at all. And that's ok. I can laugh at Orin when he gets all proddy."

Jeneeva shakes her head, "No I would only find it amusing Orin, Jan would likely find it hilarious. But honestly I want you on the handsome bronze you deserve. As long as you're happy." She pauses to wave goodbye to I'es as he leaves, "I wonder what Vyune has the odds at for Darius getting green? I might have to place a wager." She grins over at her 'big brother'.

Orinlatan sticks his tongue out at Darius and tosses his last pillow that way before he shrugs, "Color doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, I'd love to impress bronze, but a dragon's a dragon. Even a," he shudders, "Even a green."

Darius catches the pillow and laughs. "Hah! You both wish to see me proddy, but I would rather stick my head in the water for awhile. Nah. I'd take green. I would. But I'm really trying to avoid even the thought of Calypso getting all proddy."

Jeneeva nods at the two brothers, "Yeah color doesn't matter to me so long as I Impress. I'll admit though I'm a little nervous about getting proddy should I Impress green. I think I'm just as nervous about chasing a proddy green though should I Impress brown or blue."

"Dar, I want to immortalize you proddy. Now gimme my pillows back." Orin thrusts a hand out, obviously expecting compliance from his older brother, "What will be will be. You should impress a bronze, Jen, really surprise 'em all."

Darius gets up, walk over and tries to hit Orin with his own pillows. PILLOW FIGHT! "She's more likely to get bronze than you. Oh so serious one."

Jeneeva giggles at that, "Oh that'd be a surprise alright, for everyone including me." She grins at Darius, "Serious can be good, maybe there's a dragon or two in those eggs who might be looking for serious. I hope there's more than one actually since I tend to be a bit serious myself."

Orinlatan yelps suddenly, "No fair! no fair! I don't have anything to defend myself with." He flails with scrabbly hands, trying to snatch a bit of beating pillow and yoink it for himself.

Darius continues to beat Orin with a pillow, laughing. "I'm sure you two are good. I'm likely just not serious enough. Life is boring with all that eriousness."

Jeneeva tosses Orin one of her pillows and proceeds to thwap Darius on the back with her other one. It proves to be not so easy a proposition though with two firelizards asleep in her lap though.

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