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Candidate Partay!

The Weyrleader hold a party for the candidates and lifts the no drinking restriction for the night.

 Ancient Cavern (Generic TP Room) (#4495J)
This is an enormous ancient cavern, created long ago by the lava flow as it became stagnant and cooled. The ground has been smoothed by the passage of time, yet the ceiling is covered with dimples and drips that so long ago solidified. The walls sag with swags of dusty magma that is intermittently smooth and sandpaper rough. Today the cavern has been transformed into a campout (or is that campin?) complete with bedrolls, booze, food, and nontoxic drinks. At center blazes a fire, the smoke twining to the ceiling, disappearing into unseen heights. It's a party!
Q'luin, Jordan, I'es, Orinlatan, Darius, and Jacey are here.
Obvious exits:

Q'luin corralled the candidates and drug them past the tunnel barracade, through the chaos that was hidden behind, and then down another tunnel until they reached the sparsely supplied cavern. Not a word was said for the entire trip, and Jacey quietly brought up the back of the pack, nervous eyes dashing about as the rain-fostered bugs crawled out of most every nook and cranny to greet the youngsters as they passed on by. "Yuck." Once the Weyrleader entered the cavern he strolled straight to the fire and turned back to face the group, dark hands spreading out to indicate the preparations, "A party. Your last. Enjoy it. Get your shit out here, because you won't be touching booze again for at least a turn, likely more. Once the eggs crack, you're doomed, so celebrate tonight, enjoy the freedom, and tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, your life as you once knew it comes to an end." A sniff signals the end of the speech. Jacey twitches and looks at the others, then the booze.

Darius is near the back, helping Jacey with the rear guard and he silently listens to Q'luin, looking around at the setup in surprise. "No restrictions, Sir?" That can't be right. There's always restrictions. At least for Candidates. But he is focusing on the booze just like Jacey, not on any girl in the group.

Jordan is neither at the front of the pack, nor the tail. She's closer to the end, to be sure, but only because that's where Jacey is. Upon entering the cavern, and hearing Q'luin's proclamation, Jordan whistles low and impressed. "Permission to go wild. That's really not a good sign of things to come." She slips closer to Jacey, elbowing him quietly before leaning in to whisper something on the DL.

Orinlatan was reluctant to get drawn along, but anything Q'luin's doing, right? Right? He shuffles along in silence through the hallways, watching the others moreso than himself until the whole gaggle shuffles slowly to a stop. Qi's words draw his eyes wide and a soft whistle, "As much as we want?" He looks at Darius, then Jen, Jordan, Jacey and the rest, "Seriously?" He eyes the bronzerider for a long moment, then leans forward and stage whispers so that everyone can hear, "What's the catch?"

Jeneeva follows along curiously, trying to keep pace with Orin, but says nothing until they arrive and Q'luin gives his speech. She looks at Orin and then the booze, "We can drink Sir? Really? Shards a drink would be so good right now. It's just the drinking restriction that is lifted though right?" Because having other restrictions listed would be far too tempting. She looks to Orin, "How about some brandy for old times sake?" She nods at Orin's stage whisper, there's gotta be a catch.

Q'luin rolls his dark eyes and reiterates, "No sex. Drink yourselves into a coma if you want, you'll be the ones facing a hangover on the sweltering sands if the eggs start rocking, but no sex, we don't need pregnant weyrlings." His tattooed cheek twitches at the mention. Jacey snickers at the whisper, flashing a grin up at Jordan, only for it to bloom into a hazy stare as he drifts off into a hormonal dreamland where the pair of them reign. With their gold and bronze dragons of course.

I'es might be helping to ensure that no candidate is left behind, lost to the critters that the rain has dragged out of the nooks and crannies. Still, he remains lingering near the entrance as he observes the expressions of those already questioning the limits of the evening. "Have there ever been any candidates nursing a hangover on the sands, Q'luin?"

Darius smirks at mention of pregnant weyrlings, hands uplifted. "Hey, I'm not chasing anyone down at the moment for that restriction, but a drink would be incredible. Thanks, Weyrleader. I will endeavor to not throw up on the sands. If it doesn't wear off by then."

Jordan remains oblivious to Jacey's venture into dreamland, though continues to regard the others as free allowance toward booze is given. She herself doesn't head straight for it, but instead seeks out the absolute best possible seat in the joint whereupon arriving she leans back to rest on her elbows, legs stretched out before her and crossed at the ankle. "One of these days, Q'luin..." It's not a /threat/ so much as a mused statement that is left (for the better!) unfinished. "So are the two of you gonna babysit us tonight or just leave it up to us to be good boys and girls and follow the rules?"

Jeneeva sighs, but turns to Orin with a grin, "Well I don't want to get pregnant anyway, but at least we can get drunk, c'mon Orin let's go!" She pauses though to nod to Q'luin, "I can live with a hangover, thank you Weyrleader for allowing us this night." And then she's trying to drag Orin along with an aside to Jordan, "They're probably gonna babysit us, there's too much chance a drunk candidate or two could forget that other restriction."

"Who said anything about pregnant?" He looks at Jen, then back to Qi, "Shards, who said anything about dancin' horizontally? Y' said somethin' 'bout brandy, Jen?" He looks over at Darius, then flops down not too far from Jordan and grabs a bottle, taking a moment to read the label before cracking it open, "Surely the eggs aren't that close t' hatching or y'd be keepin' us Weyrbound."

When Jordan drifts off it snaps Jacey out of the reverie with a bold blush coloring his youthful cheeks. The boy quickly scampers off to bounce into his father, "Do we /have/ to drink?" Q'luin shakes his head no and drops his hand onto his son's shoulder, pride glazing his ebony eyes. Then it's back up to the rest of the group, "No, we're not going to babysit with you. Visit for a bit, then you're on your own. If you break rule, which we'll know, you'll be kicked out of candidacy - it'd be a stupid thing when you've waited this long." Note the firelizards posted not-so-inconspicuously about. His gaze drops to Orinlatan, "You are weyrbound. Can't get more weyrbound than this." They're at the very heart of the weyr. "Couldn't take you outside for the usual - " he says, giving clue to the fact that this is a Q'luin tradition.

"Oh there'll be babysitting alright," Jordan murmurs, glancing at those who do decide to indulge in booze. She again refrains from indulging herself, if for now. The interaction between Q'luin and Jacey is not missed, and draws a further boldening of that grin. "Kinda think this is better, Q'luin. Bug free and special. Special is good." Thus it has been proclaimed, thus it is. A bare beat, then, "Take it that means it's really not all that far off. Day or two tops?"

"Unless you really don't want any company," I'es replies as he looks towards the growing trio of Jen, Orin and Jordan with the flash of a grin tagging his words. He'll refrain from the additional drinks for the mere fact that it's for the candidates. "Did any of you have any other questions from the other night?"

Darius walks over to drop down next to his brother, though he's watching and waiting mostly for now. "I guess it is getting close? Don't remember being this nervous last time."

Jeneeva blushes at Orin's candor, "Not like I'd want to be doing that with so many other people around anyway Orin, and there's far too much of an audience here for my liking. But yes I do believe I mentioned brandy." She takes a seat beside Orin as he sits down, looking around at the firelizards placed about the room. Her harp is placed by her side as she turns to Orin with a smile. "Lets have some of that brandy shall we? We have no idea when we'll be able to enjoy this again." She looks to Jordan, "I figured it was close but do you really think it's... ummm... that close?" Speaking of nervous, Jen seems to be just a touch of that herself.

"Special's good, bug free's better. Sweet Faranth." Orin's still just examining the label, "No, no, stay. Companionship is a welcome change of pace." He pulls the cork and sniffs it gently, "If it's that close, I'll stick to one glass. A little treat, but drunk hardly seems like a good way to start a morning." He offers the bottle to Jen first, letting her confirm the selection before offering it to Darius as well.

Q'luin nods to Jordan, "That'd be my guess. Three or four max." Jacey hears this and immediately stops breathing as he goes stock still. The Weyrleader lets go his boy and turns about to kick a pile of logs, "It can be chilly this deep, so keep it goin." He won't even mention how dark it can be. Speaking of, "There's a pack of candles over there," a hand gestures to a pile of supplies, "Along with food, and - necessary stuff," for like, 'necessary' business. The boy, about blue now, lets out his breath in a gusty puff as he's knocked into a new thought. His bright eyes cast about, "Does that mean we have to poop in a corner?!"

"Jacey." Jordan calls the boy out, in as much as her rebuke is filled with amusement. Her gaze drifts right back to Q'luin, measure still taken in the allowance for days until the big day. A deep breath later, all anxiety is gone and she's as relaxed as can be in her reclined state. In the absence of any questions being asked of I'es, Jordan finally surfaces with one of her own, "You place your bets yet, Nee? Time's getting short." Per Q'luin's guestimation, by the looks of things.

Jeneeva takes a sniff of Orin's selection, nods and then takes a long pull before giving it back so that he can offer it to Darius as well. The short-haired former Harper sighs once the alcohol has slid down her throat, "Oh that's nice, it's been a while." She turns to Q'luin as he confirms that it won't be long. "That close? Better to get it over with soon I guess, I'm... uhhh... really getting nervous about it." She smiles over at Jacey who seems as nervous as she is, "It'll be okay Jacey we'll all be out there together." She nods at Jordan's question and grins, "Know what the odds are for Darius getting green?"

Darius sniffs at the bottle Orin holds up and shakes his head. "Brandy's your thing, bro. Whiskey, rum, something like that is more to my liking." But he's still not reaching for a bottle. He does give Jen a dark look. "Or Orin. Orin on green. I like that idea too. Anyone got a look at Vyune's book?"

I'es snorts - either because of the question from Jordan or Jenneva, the reaction is the same to catch the rider just moments before making a tactical withdrawal. "I've made my bets days ago, Jordan," comes the quip as he lifts a finger to stall the next question. "And I'm not sharing odds. Takes the fun out of your own."

Orinlatan looks up at I'es, then chuckles while he pours his own glass, "What're the odds for Jordan on bronze? That's action I'd like to get in on, personally. I think there's marks to be made there." He hands the bottle to Jen and murmurs, "Just one glass. You don't want to wake up hungover with duties to do." I'es gets another look, "It's not like we can't get the odds from the bookies."

Jacey is about crushed by Jordan's amused rebuke, his face crumpling with the pain as a new bright flush scampers across his countenance. "Sorry... it's just... " his hand is wildly thrown about, gesturing to the obvious. His attention is pulled toward Jeneeva, "Yea," though he doesn't sound convinced that togetherness will help. Her next question has him piping in, "That would be so awesome!" his gaze darting to Darius, then to Orinlatan as he is mentioned. Q'luin simply stands there and listens, his eyes thoughtfully grazing each of the candidates in turn. They fall last on Orinlatan, "You've no duties," spoken to cast away the imagined bonds.

Jeneeva grins, "Well odds are I won't Impress and Vyune seems to think if I do I'll Impress blue. I've got Orin on Bronze and I think I'm gonna say Darius and Jordan on Brown, Vyune on Green and Jacey on Blue, but that's just my opinion." She sighs at Orin as she pours a rather full glass, "Just one? we're supposed to be enjoying it." Her grin turns to Jacey, "I thought so too but Darius doesn't seem to agree with me." Then she's just blinking at Q'luin in shock, "No duties? But there's always duties." Then her gaze turns once more to Orin, "See, the Weyrleader said no duties, that means a hangover won't be a problem."

Darius looks up at Jordan as she asks about odds and then his look goes to I'es. "Aw, c'mon, no one's talking. The odds would be really interesting to know. Orin keeps saying he thinks the girls are going to get bronze, and we all know he's been inhaling fumes or something from the ash pile for that one." He gives his brother a look.

I'es' disappearing back is given a grin as she has little else to add to what he's said. But to what others have said? "Jacey's got the market cornered on bronze," Jordan says, perhaps to help the boy save face, or at the very least to convey back unto him her absolute and utter belief in him. And to Jeneeva, with a small little grin at Jacey, "I'm gold all the way. Me and Jacey got plans, right?" To the boy again there comes another little grin and nod of her head as if to beckon him over.

"Ah, but people talk and -that- changes the bets," I'es replies to Darius, a laugh easily emerging at the mention of girls riding bronze. "But I think it's safe to say that there's never been a girl Impressing a bronze. The Harpers would have made a ballad about it Turns ago. Besides, it's more fun to hear your own thoughts than mine." Not that he wants to make the candidates -more- nervous. "I'm going to leave you all to the fun. Morning comes far too quickly."

Orinlatan looks at Q'luin for a moment, then shakes his head slightly, "No chores, perhaps, but there are always duties. Duty to ourselves. Duty to our fellow candidates. Duty to our Weyr. There are always duties." He sips at the brandy, savoring it for a long moment before he shrugs at Jen, "Do whatever you feel comfortable with. You're grown." He looks at Jacey for a moment, then motions for him to sit, "Naw, Jen. Jacey'll get a bronze like da." He looks at Jordan slightly, then shrugs, "If'n Wyn's any example, you're good for gold, I guess. Just keep thinkin' brown m'self. 'Swhat I put my marks on for you and Vyune. Green fer Jen 'n' brown fer Dar. With only th' ten eggs at least I don't have t' put a lot down to have a chance at a return. Evening, Bronzerider I'es. Thank you for your time."

Jacey's head shoots around to stare big-eyed at Jeneeva - she's sold him out! "/Bronze/," he states with a heavy hand. Q'luin corrects the girl, but on a wholly different topic, "It isn't a problem unless the eggs crack," said as a reminder. "While I'm omnipotent, I'm not clairvoyant." Still standing, his boots shuffle to kick at grit upon the ground. Meanwhile Jacey is once again puffing up, chest miraculously broadening after Jordan speaks for him. "Yes we do!" This causes his father to blink and blink hard. It eventually evolves into a glance at Orinlatan that has him searching the boy's features, "When did you become a stick in the mud?"

Jeneeva nods to Jordan, "I could see Jacey on bronze. Do you really think there's a gold though in a clutch this small?" she asks in keen interest. She knows so little about dragons hatchings and clutches that she's eager to know what others with more experience think. She waves to I'es, "Good night Sir, sleep well." She puts an arm around Orin, "You're being a stick in the mud, but if you stick to one so will I. It's no fun if we can't get drunk together." She takes a slow sip of her brandy, closing her eyes as it washes down her throat. A smile is given to Q'luin, "I'd say it was when you gave him that first white knot Sir, but perhaps he's right maybe we should be careful in case those eggs crack tomorrow."

Jordan attempts an innocent, sweet smile at Jacey's confirmation of their grand plans - it's entirely for Q'luin's benefit. The questions that float around after it earn a careless shrug and no verbal commitment one way or another. She's experienced in as much as having stood a few times, but guessing the what's of 'what's in the eggs' is left to those with greater knowledge than she on the subject. Like Q'luin, who Jordan again takes the opportunity to watch in a manner suggesting she wants him to know she's watching him.

Darius sighs at Q'luin's question just shaking his head. "He's downright tight of late. Like if he breathes wrong he'll get his white knot taken away. Every tiny little thing and he's stiffening up and taking the tight route. Like the mud in the creche. THe kids loved that." He reaches for a bottle, picking one at random and grabbing a cup to splash the booze into. "You think, Jen? Hmm, what do you think, Jordan? YOu've got any picks?"

Orinlatan just looks stunned for a moment, "'M not!" He looks at the other two for support, but it's not forthcoming, so his voice just comes out again, a little softer, "'M not." He stares into the brandy for a moment, considering the last couple of months, before he throws the whole thing back in two gulps, "'M just bein' careful. Drink too much and I might do somethin' that would get th' knot taken." He looks at Darius for a moment, then back up at Q'luin, "I blame I'deni, personally."

Q'luin eyes Jeneeva for a moment, mulling over all that was said. "You should have your own mind for as long as you can. No need to let Orinlatan think for you." A nod towards the general direction of the hatching caverns, through the twisting labyrinth of tunnels, sparks further words, "Soon enough you'll have another controlling your thoughts." Jordan's persistent gaze forces the tick back into the scarred cheek and he drags his gaze around to her, inky brows creeping slowly up in a 'what?' manner. Darius' commentary elicits a nod and a momentary straying of gaze, "People who take themselves too seriously end up face in the mood sooner or later. I suppose it's a lesson that needs to be learned first hand." Orinlatan's proclamation tugs even harder at his focus. "You don't have to overdo to stupidity, but loosen up a bit. You sound like a Wingleader with a stick shoved high." A wink is fired off. Jacey drops down between Jordan and Jeneeva with a smile for each pretty bookend.

At Q'luin's reaction to her prolonged stare, Jordan's grin grows even wider and more mischievous. In a sudden bout of mercy, she gives the pulled-thin man a moment of respite, breaking her study to look back to Darius. "Got lots of picks, sure. Like I said. Jacey's gonna get the biggest, fastest bronze out there. Can't forget Kitten, either. She's gonna be all kinds of fun on a dragon." A beat or two more, "The rest I'm keeping quiet on. I'es is right, I don't wanna spoil the pool. Haven't made out so well the last couple go 'rounds," Ask her to define 'well' and the story may just change slightly. She leans in close to try and elbow Jacey, "Still my standing partner, right? Gonna take all the hits for me?"

Jeneeva frowns at Darius, "Those nannies were wanting to kill us by the end Darius and we had to clean it all up, I was just as against the idea as Orin was. Does that make me a stick in the mud too?" She shakes her head at Orin, "I'm sorry to say you are sweetie, there's careful and then theres rigid. You've been rigid lately, not that I blame you, I don't want to lose my knot either, especially this close to the eggs cracking. She shrugs at the Weyrleader, "I do have my own mind Sir, but I also don't like drinking alone, it's a bit depressing. But I guess with all these others here I'm not really drinking alone am I?" She chuckles, "I think you might have a bit too much faith in me though, I'm a first-timer on the sands so I think it's doubtful I'll Impress." She takes another sip of brandy before reaching over to give Jacey a half hug, "I'm sure Jacey here will get the bronze he wants though, and Orin too."

Darius reaches out to pat Orin on the shoulder. "Might as well have some fun with the mud since I can't get Kitten to wrestle with me in it." And he sighs at Jen. "Jen, darlin', you've been encouraging him. Take a deep breath. We're almost there. Unless one of us does something hopelessly stupid, I think we'll all make it onto the sands ok at this point." Though he gives Jordan a mischievous look. "Ah, c'mon Jordan, there's gotta be a dragon out there for you this time. I'd put marks on it."

Orinlatan snorts, reaching to refill his glass, "Talkin' shouldn't spoil the pool. Everyone knows y' can't predict impression, it's just fun to put marks on it. Kitten'll get two greens with as proddy as she is." Q'luin's continued prodding just makes his expression fall more, "Haven't been able t' do anything fun, truly fun, fer ages. 'Ve gotten folks in m' face over 'n' over. I'll loosen up once things're settled. 'N' you don' wanna know what some of those kids were drawin'."

Jacey goes putty, leaning into Jordan as a smile the size of Ramoth rips across his face, igniting his crystalline eyes. "You bet. I'll also trip the gold towards you, just in case." A solemn promise is sealed with a nod. The hug from Jeneeva serves to distract and the smile mutates to a grin, "Who knows, maybe all the eggs hold bronzes and golds. Then everyone can be as happy as a crustacean with its clampers on Ai'den's... "remembering who he is near, the boy suddenly sucks in both fleshy lips and bites down on them, sealing off anything else, guilt gilding his aqua eyes. Q'luin can't help but grin at his son's slip. Orinlatan's mood garners the bulk of his attention though, drawing out a sigh. "You're not going to get thrown out of candidacy for a little mud on the walls. You'll likely only be killed for the booze, and the rest - you think you're the first candidate group to pull pranks? -- Hardly. Lighten up, son. This is a party." To prove it, the Weyrleader wanders over to Jordan, getting up close and personal. "Right?"

Darius rolls his eyes at Orin as he takes a small sip. "THey were having a great time, those kids. Just cause their art was funny and amusing and made us all laugh isn't a good thing. THose horns looked great on the Weyrleader. They were creative." He grins at Jacey's cuddling with the girls and the comment about Ai'den though he almost chokes on his sip. "Yeah, that."

Jeneeva rolls her eyes at Darius, "So I like to follow the rules what's wrong with that? But you know me, I'm always afraid of messing things up. I'm trying to relax a bit more though and I'm not as rigid as Orin here has been." She's pretty darn close though, and she sends Orin a look to let him know she's not being mean. "I know how you feel Orin but it's almost over now and then we'll know if we've Impressed or if we'll be going back to our old lives. But yeah, some had prettyy vivid imaginations, some of them had talent though." She grins at Jacey's exuberance, "Maybe Jacey, it would be nice." Q'luin is given a nod as she drains the last of her brandy, "The Weyrleader and Darius are right Orin, lighten up and lets have some fun. We can have fun and fulfill our duties too." She leans a bit closer to him as she pours herself another glass.

"Never hurts to be sure though, does it?" Jordan poses rhetorically to Orin - with a blooming smile that just promises she's in a mood. A mood that heightens at Jacey's reply, especially come that near slip, which earns him a quick little pinch right in the side. Saying he doesn't anticipate it or otherwise scoot beyond her reach. Of course tormenting the weyrleader's boy goes to the way, when the weyrleader presents himself as a target. "I'm sure enjoying myself even with some of the rules in place."

"Poured another glass, didn't I?" Orin's look is dour now, "Like gettin' lectured by you isn't a hundred times worse'n all th' other lectures 'n just gonna make me grumpier." He moves his arm so that Jen can lean against him if she wants, "Is that why all th' 'claws went after Ai'den at the races? Thought that was right peculiar." He takes a big sip off his brandy and shrugs slightly and pointedly doesn't notice Qi getting cozy with Jordan, "'M tryin' t' lighten up but ya keep remindin' me why I'm grumpy."

Darius has won the Weyrleader's attention and his gaze crashes right into the young man. "So I hear. Personally I would have preferred wings, or even fangs, but horns will do." Clearly he's unaffected. To them all, "You guys are all about the extremes. One day you're unthinkingly, blatantly, and publicly I might add, breaking the rules. You get chastised and go so far in the extreme opposite that you become stagnant." Q'luin shrugs, "I guess balance - the happy medium - comes with age." Apparently he hasn't reached said marker yet. The pinch sets Jacey off with a squeak of surprise and he immediately falls to dramatically apologizing, "Sorry! So sorry! It's just, it's ... " but the explanation dies as the lameness resounds in the boy's head. His father stares down at the two, especially after Jordan's comment, and sighs. "Thankfully, then."

"They're young." Jordan starts out in her own version of age-old wisdom. "Give'm a few years to see the big old, happy world." The quip, meant to be light hearted, drops into the serious for a fraction of a second. Jordan rather roughly yanks herself out of that funk with a shake of her head and a taunting smile over toward Jacey, "You have my permission to taunt him whenever you want. It'll help him grow thick skin." Thereby giving Ai'den a natural defense against spiderclaws. Win-win! Her gaze rounds back on Q'luin, who she regards, without saying anything again. There is apparently some sort of game going on, and only one person knows the rules to said game. Go on and guess who that is.

Darius grins back at Q'luin and lifts his drink to him in salute. "Eh, we're all just stressed out an handling it in different ways. Have a couple of drinks and then it won't seem so bad. In less than a sevenday we'll either be mucking up poo or drinking a lot more. Hey, I missed that race. I heard it was great, though."

Jeneeva nods at Orin, "Yes you did, good for you." She takes another sip of her own second glass before continuing, "Let's just enjoy the night. Most of us don't have many more like this for a long time." She grins at the Weyrleader "A happy medium would be nice, I don't like to break the rules anymore but being too rigid is no fun at all. So what about things that aren't necessarily in the rules? Might be fun to see how far we can go without breaking a rule. If I weren't so afraid of losing my knot I'd probably try that more." She nods to Darius, "Yeah I know I'm definitely stressed out. Most of you have been through this before but I'm all new to it so I worry a lot."

Orinlatan chuckles lightly, "Couple of the 'claws seemed to think Ai'den was the most interesting thing ever. Kaijuth ate the winner." He takes another sip and shrugs, "Happy medium comes when there's at least a little positive reinforcement. Just a little would be nice, seriously. Got Vyune on my butt because I've got 'issues', had Qylia give me shards over stealin' her da, I'deni calling me a burden in front of the whole sharding group. Ai'den made-" He shakes his head and throws back the rest of his drink, "Little something good would be nice."

Q'luin nods and gives Darius a grin, "Actually, I'm going to part ways with the party so you guys can have some unfettered fun." The doubt in his voice is resoundingly obvious. A hand reaches to ruffle Jacey's hair, but pauses mid-action when he hears Orinlatan. He looks on over at the boy, "I think you're purely focusing on the bad. I believe I gave you plenty of positive reinforcement." The child's broody mood has the man obviously concerned. "I also sort of thought that was what this party was for. If you hadn't earned it - you wouldn't have gotten it." His broad shoulders lift with nonchalance. "Your call." The hand follows through on the ruffle and then hops to Jordan's head for a saucy caress before boots start carrying the man out. Jacey just watches on silently, with a smile a mile wide pained on his face.

Jordan's grin breaks wide at Q'luin's parting offer, before she's looking back to Jacey. "How 'bout we liven things up then, hm? You know the Bitra Tavern song?" Of which there were likely dozens upon dozens. But the tune she strikes up is catchy, and easy as ever to catch on and, unfortunately given it's name, quite the crass tune. But it makes for good singing at the top of ones lungs, whether on-key or off. Half given the chance, she'd even attempt to engage the boy in a turn or two about the area - dancing need not be refined so long as it is enthusiastic.

Darius grins back and takes another drink, refilling his glass before offering a cup to Jordan and Jacey. "No one booted out yet that I've heard of. Who can stand the drama when that happens? Ooh, naughty songs. I could learn a few more." He jumps right into Jordan's song, though he's learning it as he goes.

Jeneeva gives Orin a hug, "I know you've been going through a lot this Candidacy but try not to dwell on silly things like my hair. Sure Ai'den told me to cut it off. But it was me who followed the order, and if I Impress I'd have to cut it anyway." She looks directly at him, "You really want something good? Here you go." She reaches over and grabs Orin's face to pull him into a rather hard kiss. Once she pulls back she smiles asking breathily, "Is that enough positive reinforcement for you? You're doing great Orin, you just need to relax a bit." She nods to the Weyrleader, "Good night Sir and thank you so much for the party, we appreciate it." She grins at Jordan, "That's right let's live it up a bit."

Orinlatan nods slightly, "'Swhat the party's for." He reaches out to pour himself another glass. "'M tryin'. Been walking the straight and narrow too sharding long." All he manages is a wide-eyed 'ooomph' when Jen plants one on him, but at least he's grinning when she moves away, "Thanks." He tips his head back to nod to Q'luin "G'night. Give Zhoreth my best."

Q'luin answers Jeneeva and Orinlatan from a distance, "Alright. Have fun." and then keeps on going. Jacey is immediately swallowed up by the singing, adding his own still childish voice to the bawdy melody, never breaking stride as his voice does break, and crack, and even squeal high pitched at one point. The boy is howlin' to the moons he cannot see. The change is upon him - finally.

Jeneeva just grins at Orin, swallowing down her brandy in one go. "Kissing is not against the rules. though it may be once we're weyrlings due to emotional overload for the baby dragons. So I say lets drink and get as much kissing in as we can before we have to stop that too. The Weyrleader did tell us to have fun." She waves to Q'luin as he leaves and smiles as Jacey begins to get in the mood.

Darius groans, hiding his face against his arm. "Oh, good thing Jacey and the others are here or I'd have to kill you two if all you do is kiss and drink. Have fun, but don't make the rest of us vomit with your 'cuteness'."

Orinlatan throws back the last of the glass of brandy as quickly as the others, then pulls Jen in for another kiss. He's supposed to be having fun, Faranth scorch it. Darius is ignored save for a rude gesture between kisses."

Jeneeva grins over at Darius as she pours another drink, "We'll try not to be too cute while kissing. The drinking will probably help with that." Sloppy drunken kisses are far from cute. "Hopefully the only vomiting that will happen will be from our hangovers." And then she's pulled in toward Orin for another kiss. And that's likely what the two of them end up doing for the rest of the night kissing and getting well past drunk while others dance sing and get drunk as well.
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